Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disney World of Color

The next time you visit Disneyland, you MUST see the California Adventures World of Color show!  It was so beautiful that Georgia and I agreed it needed its own post.  Before our visit to Disneyland last weekend I had never heard of the show.  Luckily for me everyone else did so they made sure to get in line the moment we arrived to reserve our tickets.  I had never seen anything like it.  The soundtrack was all the most popular classic Disney tunes.  They projected scenes from different Disney movies against a wall of water.  There was amazing pyrotechnics and the light show was awesome.  We had great seats and were warned before the show that we would get wet… boy were they telling the truth!  I think that’s what actually made it such an experience.  It was a total sensory overload and I loved every minute of it!

During the show I was able to get a few photos while Georgia shot some home video!  Here’s a few favorite pics ~     

We took a TON of pictures on our California vacation… more to come soon :)

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