Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guestroom Reveal

I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for weeks… better late than never I guess.  This room was a lot of work for us, but it was also a really fun DIY project!  Delays in the shipping and install of carpet, as well as the many coats of paint we ended up applying, added a few weeks to the process.  We could have gone with fewer but it didn’t look as good and if you’re going to do something – you may as well do it right the first time!  I’m sure Missy’s going to be super excited to visit her new room the next time she comes home.  The last time she was here she informed Georgia and I that after years of staying in the “purple princess room”, she was ready for a change.  Ha!  Aside from Georgia dropping the bed on my head (true story) the project went off without a hitch!  

Here’s what we did:

-  Replaced flooring with Martha Stewart Living carpet
-  TSP and patched walls
-  New primer and paint
-  Installed window treatments/hardware
-  Re-routed cable connection to the west wall
-  Completely redesigned the closet (craft closet post coming soon)!

Behold our new guestroom! 

Before/After view from hall entrance:

Before/After view of west wall:

Before/After view of east corner:  

Before/After closet view:  

Done and done :)

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