Friday, May 13, 2011

In Full Bloom

Summer is alive and well at the Roybal pad and I’m lovin it!  I have a tendency to kill most plant life (seriously… it’s pretty bad) so I’m a little shocked and proud of how well our foliage is looking these days :)

Flowers and honeysuckle and trees, oh my!  

She lives!  I love that my iphone takes HDR photos :)

These roses are my favorite because they totally look like the singing roses from
Alice in Wonderland! 

After 2 years of the dogs eating this tree down to a sad little nub, it finally started to thrive last summer.  This summer it’s bloomed for the first time!  So beautiful.


The honeysuckle is finally showing signs of life!!  I went outside today to cut it down because I thought it was dead and as I was chopping away I noticed these little leaves! 
If I can bring this sucker back I can do anything!      

Speaking of beautiful things – I love this commercial so much I had to share!

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