Sunday, May 1, 2011

Only in New Mexico…

Can you have sunshine, warm weather, hurricane like winds, rain and SNOW all in the same week!  Yup, only in NM.  At this time last Sunday, we were playing in the park in shorts and dresses and this Sunday we’ve spent the entire day on the couch under several blankets to stay warm (which is perfect weather for blogging).  Our day began at the crack of dawn this morning at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  I checked my weather app last night to see just how cold it would be today and let’s just say the app was wrong… In just a few hours time, the app went from showing a little sun with clouds reading a high of 49 degrees, to showing rain, snowflakes and temperatures in the 30’s.  This was of course after we left the house and were headed to the walk without jackets.  Even though it was freezing, I’m really glad we made it.  This is the 4th or 5th year that we’ve done the walk and this year was by far the smallest turn out I’ve seen.  I just hope people still brought their donations.  I’m so proud of Team UOPX!  We were a Flagship sponsor for the first time and our team raised the 2nd highest amount of money!  Whoo, hoo!  

It will be interested to see what Mother Nature throws our way this week – I just hope my other roses survive.  The honeysuckle didn’t make it back this year and my beautiful rosebush suffered a near death experience due to the wind.  At least the umbrella tree is thriving (considering it’s the only plant we have in the backyard) lol!  

My poor rosebush… Georgia found it like this last Tuesday and immediately called while I was on the way home to warn me.  She knew I would be upset and she was right.  We immediately went into rescue mode and I think we saved it.  We both scratched the heck out of our hands and arms but it was worth it!

Our morning at the walk ~

The balloons were no match for the wind! 

Happy Spring,  

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