Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Photos

This weekend my book club met in the North Valley which worked out perfect because I was in need of some mom time.  Georgia and I ended up spending the entire day at my mom’s casa watching family videos and digging through family pictures from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that my great grandma gave my mom a few years ago.  There were so  many pictures of my Great Grandma having fun at the lake, my mom and her sisters when they were little and pictures of my Great Grandpa Willie Doolittle who I never had the privilege of knowing.  Luckily my Great Grandma married an equally handsome man, my Great Grandpa Raul who I love with all my heart!  

I loved all the lake pictures!  It makes me happy to know that I am a 4th generation lover of the lake :)

Photo taken at the lake in the 1950's

Great Grandma Chris rockin a bikini.  She has always been a lover of the water.

I never knew my Great Grandpa Willie but boy was he handsome!  This is a picture of the Greats with the twins, my auntie Sue and auntie Laurie.  

This is a picture of my great, great aunts in the early 1920's who were also twins.  We have a third set of twins on my Great Grandpa's side of the family.  

These are photos of my Great Grandma as a young mom.  
At 93 years old she still looks just as beautiful!

Last but not least, here are some pictures of my mama as a little girl with her parents and sisters!

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