Friday, June 3, 2011

Little Lady

Domonic and Angela are having a GIRL!  We just heard the news a few days ago and I think the entire family is still in shock.  Rudy and Devin didn’t think it was possible that they would ever get a little sister and according to Dom, the boys are still in total denial.  Come to think of it – Dom’s in a bit of denial himself!  Since getting the news he has been in a state of total disbelief because he seriously thought he could not make girls.  Ha!  Never say never :) 

They plan to name the baby Mia and she is due at the end of October (possibly on my birthday)!  I never thought I would get a Niece even though Georgia has said since the beginning that it would be a girl.  I don’t think even she understands how fun this is going to be!  Now we get to play Barbies, dress-up, kitchen (I love all the faux food)!  I am awesome at doing hair so that little gal is going to look like the cats pajamas!  I was just telling a friend that it’s going to be such an adjustment because we’re so used to boys.  Don’t get me wrong – Rudy and Devin are beautiful and funny little creatures but they are all boy!  When they have sleepovers at Nina and Auntie Georgia’s, they run around the house like a bunch of maniacs.  All they want to do is play the Wii, jump on furniture, beat each other up and EAT! 

It is going to be so fun to finally have a little lady in the house ~      

Here are a few first photos of baby Mia!

These are her little legs and tush!  So cute already :)

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