Friday, August 19, 2011

Devin’s 1st day of school!

Yesterday was Devin’s first day of kindergarten.  I know what you all must be thinking – where did the time go?!  Unfortunately, Georgia and I weren’t able to leave work to join the family in seeing him off, but Nani made sure to take a ton of pictures.  This will be the only year that Rudy and Devin attend the same school which I think makes this year extra special.  Soon Rudy will be off to middle school and we will begin a whole new chapter of elementary school fiestas, carnivals and fieldtrips with Devin.  Looking back, it was always so much fun to volunteer for Rudy’s class and even though our lives are much busier now – we’ll have to be sure and do the same for Devin!

I called the boys yesterday afternoon to see how their first day of school went.  Rudy was quick to tell me that it was actually his third day and that he LOVES his teacher.  Apparently, he has the same teacher that he had in the first grade and Rudy thinks that she is just awesome!  The highlight of Devin’s day was eating in the cafeteria like a big boy.  He told me “Nina, you know what?  We went to the cafeteria to have lunch and it was SO BIG!”  His little voice sounded so excited I almost cried.  Devin is truly our fearless little guy.  He has shown absolutely no anxiousness or fear of starting school.  We all had dinner at my mom's last week and when I asked him if he was nervous for his first day, he gave me a very puzzled look and asked, “why would I be nervous?”  Hehe!

It's nuts to hear about how much the school has changed since I went there many, many years ago.  There is so much they do for kindergartners these days.  Angela was telling me that they actually visit the home of every student to have a meet and greet with the parents prior to the first day.  Isn’t that the coolest thing?!  She said that the activity for day one was a little scavenger hunt followed by an orientation in the library.  While all the parents were in orientation, one of the other teachers shot some live video of the kids interacting in the classroom and getting to know each other.  Ang said that at one point she could see Devin in the background waving and saying, “I’m okay, I’m okay!”  She said that his little wave opened the mama floodgates and made her cry.  The funny thing is that I was expecting a tear or two from Ang but Dom was the one that really surprised me.  He owns a barbershop and is off every Sunday and Monday and for the past five years; Monday has always been dad’s day.  This past week while we were having dinner at Nani’s Dom told us, “this Monday is going to be my last dad and Devin Monday.”  He looked so sad and a little emotional (true story)! 

Luckily for Dom, Mia will be here soon! 
I’m sure he’ll love his "Dad and Mia Mondays" just as much :) 

Our handsome little guys!

I LOVE this picture!

Nani treated the boys to a little after school ice cream.  Lucky ducks!

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