Thursday, September 1, 2011

According to Georgia…

“We’re officially adults!”

Apparently, buying, peeling and bagging your own green chile makes you an adult!  Hehe!  For the past couple of years my mom has purchased our chile and hosted a chile peeling party where we all get together and peel bag after bag of the green stuff as a family.  This past Saturday we had to skip the annual chile peeling with the fam because Georgia was feeling super sick.  This put me in a little bit of a panic because due to the bad weather in Hatch, NM – the chile supply is much smaller this year and quickly running out.  Luckily we were able to find a sack at Sunflower Market and it was on sale!

As I mentioned, buying chile this year was a first for us and we really had no idea what we were doing.  I was under the assumption that you just walked up to a chile stand and let them know how many pounds you wanted.  I was wrong.  You actually buy chile by the 30 pound sack!  When I looked at the crates of hot, medium and mild chile, the sacks looked way too HUGE for our little family (and little freezer).  Because I was convinced that 30lbs was too much, I went to the individual chile bin and personally bagged 15lbs for us (which took forever).  When we handed our small bundle of chile to the roaster, he gave us a funny look and said that he’s never roasted anything smaller than a 30 pound sack before…

We soon learned why people buy the huge sack… it shrinks when roaster!  When our chile was done roasting, out came a cute little pile of roasted chile lol!  I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to go back for more.  Now that Georgia has acquired a LOVE for green chile – I doubt our little stash will last us all year :)

Last year we were both in pain from peeling chile without gloves.  In our attempt to avoid a repeat of this agony we put our fancy kitchen gloves to work!  Thanks Grace :)

Chile peeling is quite the process.  Good thing it’s delicious!


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K+G+g+w ♥

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