Saturday, September 24, 2011

Breakfast for dinner…

Yup, I’ve resorted to desperate measures to get the wife to EAT!  Last night, rather than grilled chicken, sautéed summer squash and mushrooms with whole grain wild rice – Georgia wanted eggs and ketchup.  Ugh, gross!  I just don’t understand how a tiny 4-inch little babe can give a person such aversions to delicious food?  The only chow that Georgia can seem to handle these days is a little fruit or oatmeal in the morning, some carbs and veggies for lunch and a few bites of whatever we're having for dinner.  Come 6 o’clock she would rather do anything than eat.

For about a month now (since around the time G lost her appetite) I’ve surrendered to the fact that I’m no longer in charge of planning the menu, it’s baby’s choice these days and that’s ok with me!  I'm just thankful that G can eat during the day because she is already -3lbs from her starting weight and I'm sure I would worry if I knew that baby wasn't getting the fuel s/he needs!  

The good news is that we’re 15 weeks and according to everything we’ve read, Georgia should start feeling better soon!

This pic is so adorable I had to share ~ G circa 1978

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