Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It’s fall ya’ll!

Woot! This is my absolute favorite time of year even though it does mean that summer is officially over :(  I seriously can’t believe how quickly the summer came and went.  I have no doubt that our many, many baby doc appointments and other baby related craziness has been the main contributor to my feeling that time flew by!  I’ve been a total blog slacker these past 3 months mostly because I was writing our “mommy diaries” on the side, which took me away from the blog. 

Here is a little re-cap of some of our summer shenanigans :)

:: My ma remodeled her kitchen, which is something that she has wanted to do for about 15 years ::

:: Georgia took Samoya to Bark for Life… can you tell that she loves her mama?! ::

:: Our friend Katy became a Mrs. ::

::The Roybal's had some fun in LA LA land! ::

:: We enjoyed some swim time at auntie Maine’s ::

:: My beautiful honeysuckle came back to life!!! :: 

We braved the NM State Fair (braved being the operative word).  We decided to be adventurous this year and take the ABQ Park & Ride, which was a HUGE mistake!  We thought we were going to be shuttled over only to find out that we had to take the city bus with a bunch of crazies (and I’m not being snobby or judgmental – these peeps were cracked out and gave us the major creeps).  The bus dropped us off about a mile from the fair and we had to walk along the rode while cars sped by us at ridiculous speeds.  I basically made Georgia scale the fence because I was feeling very unsafe!  Luckily we survived and ended up have a really great time.

:: Georgia napped pretty much every day, all summer – he, he ::

:: AND I lost 56lbs!  I'm only 4 pounds away from my 30th birthday weight loss goal! :: 

Now onto the best season of the year - FALL!    

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