Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bucket List #4 Celebrate my dirty 30 in Denver!

That’s right… I’m officially 30 years old!  While I initially thought that leaving my 20’s would be depressing, to tell you the truth, this birthday was the best I’ve had in all of my life.  From getting the amazing news that we’re going to have a baby girl to dinner at Vernon’s Steak House (seriously delicious food), to being spoiled by my co-workers and partying it up at our house party – it was a week full of unforgettable events.  I would have to say that Denver was the perfect end to end a perfect week. 

Anthony and I at the office :)

We decided to go to Denver for my dirty 30th because I hadn’t visited in more than a decade and I really wanted to spend my bday with my aunt, uncle and cousins that live out there, otherwise known as the Martinez fam.  Before getting to do this, we of course had to take a quick plane ride… and what a ride it was. First we witnessed a busy mom with 3 kids lean her hiking backpack (with baby in pack) up against a wall --- the pack then proceeded to fall forward face planting the poor child into the ground.  I witnessed it happen in what felt like slow motion but despite my attempt to sprint to the kiddo, I didn’t get there fast enough :(  luckily she was ok.  While this was traumatizing, it in no way prepared me for what happened next.  With it being my bday flight and all, the first thing I did was order a bloody mary (obviously.)  As G and I tried to set up her ipad and headphones to watch a movie, I somehow dumped my FULL drink right onto my lap.  Yup, true story.  I just stared at the bloody mess for a few seconds in absolute disbelief before jumping up and using my tiny cocktail napkin to clean up the mess.  Did I mention that the seatbelt sign was still on and we were only about 15 minutes into the flight?! 

Because it was my birthday trip, our nice flight attendant brought me another drink/sippy cup with a lid just incase I had another spill.  Not my finest moment ;)

On our first night we were joined by G’s BF, Jackie and her friend Justin for a little sushi dinner.  The food was delish and the neighborhood was super cute.  We ended the day getting settled in our rental home, which was amazing.  I’m telling you, hotels are out – rental homes are the way to go!

Our cute casita for the week.  I loved it!

For our first day in Denver, Georgia wanted to take me on a tour of the Coors Brewing Factory.  I didn’t even know that Coors was located in Colorado but who was I to pass up a beer tour and how awesome is my wife for wanting to take me to a brewing factory when she is unable to join in the festivities?!  I’m telling you, she’s a keeper.  The tour was basically a very cool, FREE drink fest coupled with some history of Golden Colorado.  If you’re ever in the Denver area I would highly recommend it.    

As if it’s not awesome enough that Coors gives you beer as you go through the tour, you finish in a downstairs pub where you’re encouraged to sample all their beers from Keystone (HELLO college) to Blue Moon.  It was a fantastic adventure :)

Georgia sampled a little non-alcoholic traditional Coors brew.

On our way home I took Georgia to see my uncle Jack and auntie Anna’s first Jack-n-Grill location.  It was so great to see the restaurant again but even more amazing to see their newest location.  They have grown so much in the last 10 years.  I’m so proud of everything they've done.

Speaking of family, they did so many wonderful things for us while we were in Denver.  Dinner party, baby shower, night on the town AND they took us to our first NFL game!  It’s all just too much for one post.  More on our Denver vacation coming soon.

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