Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bucket List #4 Denver trip part II

My one birthday wish on this trip was to have a family dinner at my uncle Jack and auntie Anna’s new Jack-n-Grill location.  Not only did this happen, but the family surprised us with an unbelievable birthday party and baby shower in one!  Because we were expecting a small dinner with the family we were shocked to walk in and find an entire section of the restaurant blocked off and decorated from head-to-toe!  Everything looked so great.

My aunty Anna really outdid herself this time.  There were balloons, table decorations, a huge assortment of cakes, cookies and other sweets, party favors and gifts galore!  I almost cried when I looked over and noticed a baby shower section of the party complete with, pink rose petals, baby girl balloons, beautiful flowers and gifts for Gracie.  Laid across the front of the table was an adorable Dallas Cowboy jersey onesie with a cute little pink bow :)

It was so great to visit and laugh with my cousins who I haven’t seen in forever and to see all their kiddos that have grown so big!  The food was seriously amazing – I had to take a break from the diet because there were just too many delicious options that I simply couldn’t pass up.  I think I forgot how scrumptious the food is but after Georgia and I sampled pretty much everything on the menu we could totally understand why Jack-n-Grill has been featured on the Travel Channel and has been a “Best of Denver” winner so many times! 

I loved the cake and goodies my auntie Anna got us from her favorite bakery.  
She’s the best!

Following the party we all headed downtown to do a little celebrating!  We spent the evening dancing the night away at Wicked Garden.  The costumes that people were wearing were amazing!  The whole night I was running to find Georgia to show her every costume I came across and she was doing the same :)

Okay, so apparently we took a lot of pictures on this trip.  I’m just now realizing how long this (my second Denver post) is thus far.  Stick with me people… I’m almost done!  Denver/First NFL game post part III coming soon :) 

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