Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to the world Mia

We have a niece!  Little miss Mia Havana Orozco arrived on October 19th at 10:48am weighing an amazing 8lbs 5.4oz.  This little gal decided that she wanted to make an early arrival coming into our lives almost a week ahead of schedule!  Georgia and I were at work when we received the call and we couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough.  When we arrived we were greeted by Nani, the boys and Angela’s family.  We were all so giddy with excitement knowing that Mia was on her way and luckily we didn’t have to wait long.  Within 2 hours Domonic came out to the waiting room to give us the good news that she had arrived and that mom and baby were doing great.  We had hoped that he would have our little lady with him when he came out but she was breastfeeding so we had to settle for a video.  Below is our first glimpse of baby girl ~

After what seemed like forever, we were finally let into the hospital room to meet Mia.  Everyone was shocked by not only her size (considering how small Angela is) but also her FULL head of black hair!  She was beautiful and lovely and so calm natured.  Rudy, being the kind soul that he is, cried when he finally had his sister in his arms.  It was a beautiful little moment that I know I’ll always treasure.  Devin also had the opportunity to hold his baby sister and as you can tell by the picture below… he was just a little nervous ;)

We spent the remainder of the day holding our beautiful new addition to the family.  It makes me and G so happy to know that Mia and Grace are only going to be 5 months apart in age.  I love thinking about the play dates and sleepovers they are going to have together over the years.  I just can’t wait to play kitchen and Barbie’s and house and dress-up with them (and yes honey, basketball too!)

Auntie Missy made a SURPRISE appearance to meet Mia as well.  Here are some of the pictures she took of our niece.  We have a niece!!!

Congratulations to Angela and Domonic!  She is simply beautiful.

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