Sunday, December 4, 2011

The nursery is coming together!

This has been the most productive weekend that we’ve had so far!  When we ordered our baby furniture the weekend of Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we were told that it would take around 3 weeks to come in… well 6 days later both the crib and dresser arrived!  I got so excited that I decided I would give Georgia her Christmas gifts early (the baby mattress and bedding!)  With the room painted and the furniture in we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on Gracie’s room.

About a year ago we found this adorable wall decal for a little girls room and I honestly thought that it would be super difficult to put up.  Luckily I was totally wrong because it took us no time at all to do it and it came out just lovely!

We’re going with a bit of a woodland theme with the nursery.  So far we have tons of color, little woodland creatures, some birdhouses and some girly décor :)

We are so blessed to have our handyman, grandpa George!  He and Grace came over today to help me hang the birdhouses and install baby girl’s new fan.  Watching him work on Gracie’s room warms my heart and makes me love him even more.  Here is the new fan with a touch of pink.

Now all we need to do is put up the wall décor and flowers on the north wall where the rocking chair and this cute night stand (pictured below) will be.  We wanted to create a reading corner for Grace where we could cuddle and read to her but also a place that she can crawl to and grab a book for herself when she gets a little bigger :)

In the meantime, the search for a large yellow circular rug continues… 

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