Sunday, January 22, 2012


When you hear the term Babymoon, most people think of soon-to-be parents taking a relaxing vacation or a quick weekend getaway before baby arrives.  Well, that wasn’t the case here.  For months now, G has begged me to go to a girl fight with her.  My response has always been – I grew up in the Valley so I’ve seen enough fighting for one lifetime, lol!  Despite my efforts to avoid the violence, she wore me down and I agreed to join her.  We had planned to take a short trip for our Babymoon but with everything that has gone on in these past 2 months, going on vacation just wasn’t in the cards for us.  Instead, we decided to create our own version of a Babymoon (or last hurrah!) and invite some friends to a female headlining, MMA cage fight this weekend!

The food equivalent of beer ;)

We had such a BLAST!  This was the first time either of us went to a fight and I now understand why people love it so much.  By the end of the night (and 8 matches) we were yelling and jumping up and down like a bunch of crazy fans.  We ended the night laughing our butts off at the Hard Rock Casino lounge.  It was a perfect, much needed night out.  Thank goodness for friends, they’re such a blessing!  

Guess what?  As of tomorrow we are officially 8 months!

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