Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let the birthing classes begin!

WARNING: this post involves talk of vaginas, placenta and other various lady parts.  Proceed with caution.

Last week we started our birthing classes and I would have to say that it wasn’t really what I expected.  I thought that we would be in a room with a ton of couples, a nurse like instructor and that it would involve a lot of heavy breathing while sitting pretzel style on the floor.  As it turns out, our instructor is much more of a hippie (which I like) and there are only 3 couples including us.  I guess that this is what happens when you base your assumptions on television shows and Lifetime made for TV movies…

On our first night, all of the couples introduced themselves and talked a little about their expected babies.  Everyone seemed very nice with the exception of one woman who didn’t smile once and didn’t seem to even like her husband all that much (considering she wouldn’t look at him or introduce him – yikes!).  So far I really like our instructor.  She is a bit of a comedian and appears to be very knowledgeable which is great.  On night one, we went step-by-step through the birthing process from the first contraction to delivery and I’ve got to say – when they show you the ENTIRE process it’s a bit overwhelming.  Sheesh!  I guess I never realized what all was involved in becoming completely dilated!  We talked a lot about natural birth and even watched a video.  Now this is where the warning comes in… there is a reason why TLC films all baby birthing footage from the top of the bed.  The reason is that if you’re an expectant mother and you see what actually happens to the female vagina during birth, you may change you mind!  I mean, I’ve always thought that women are amazing, but after seeing what our bodies can naturally do I’m convinced that we should rule the world.

It was pretty awesome to watch G as she watched the movie.  She was like, “oh… what is that… how can she… oh my God.”  The good news is that she actually had a reaction while all the other husbands sat through the film in utter silence, ha!  The one thing that the video didn’t show was the delivery of the placenta which for some reason fascinates Georgia.  She wants to know when you deliver the placenta, what the placenta looks like and if it hurts when it comes out.  We’re all interested in different parts of the process I suppose, lol! 

When the movie was over we each got to take turns delivering a baby doll through a hand stitched uterus.  I couldn’t help but laugh as I delivered a doll that looked exactly like my sister’s favorite doll when she was little.  All and all, it was a good time and I really think that me and G learned a thing or two which is the point, right?!  Tonight we go back for round two!  I’m ready!


  1. so funny! G, the placenta comes out about 5-30 minutes after the baby. It is super cool to look at and your MD will likely offer to show it to you! It does not hurt to come out, mostly feels strange. You do have to push it out, however. Yay! Happy birthing. I find it fascinating what our bodies can do. You will feel so empowered after giving birth. It really is life changing on so many levels.

  2. FINALLY, thanks for filling me in Elena!
    You don’t realize how many moms I’ve asked about the placenta and none of them really seem to remember. None of them have been able to tell me exactly how it came out, just that it did. LOL! Maybe once we have our little stinker in hand I won't care much about it either but I'm definitely going to make sure that I take a peek at some point. I'm so excited (mostly for baby but a little to see the placenta too)!


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