Saturday, March 3, 2012

Birth month is here!

How is it already March?  I seriously feel like time is flying at warp speed and there is just not enough hours to get everything done!  Our OB checked Georgia again during our appointment last week and she still isn’t dilated at all, which is just fine by me.  The closer we can get to our due date of 03/20 the better.  I spent several lunch hours last week working on my baby fund excel spreadsheet and I somehow managed to save almost $4000.00 over the past 4 months which means that I’m going to be able to stay home with G and baby for 10 weeks!  The way things work with FMLA at our company is that you have to use your sick and vacation time first followed by time off without pay totaling up to 12 weeks.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stay home for the full 3 months because I need to save 2 weeks for Gracie’s surgery, but I thought that the most work I would be able to afford to miss would be 8 weeks.  As it turns out I’ve saved enough money to take 10 weeks.  I’ve never been a great saver so I’m pretty proud of myself!  

Last weekend was extremely productive even more so than this weekend.  We cleaned nearly the entire house with the exception of the bathrooms, which we plan to tackle tomorrow.  My wife is a genius and arranged for the exterminator to come spray last week as well.  We don’t really have a huge bug problem but the little black ants always seem to find their way in and we don’t want to have to spray once baby’s here even though they say it isn’t harmful.  We are scheduled to drop our Jeeps off on Monday to be cleaned and detailed inside and out so that we can swing by the fire station and have Gracie’s car seat installed in a super clean vehicle.  Neither of us really feel qualified to secure the car seat ourselves and it’s not something that we would risk doing incorrectly.   

My wife… the sleeper. 

While we have tried our best to just relax this weekend we did get a lot done today.  This morning we stopped at the hospital to complete G’s pre-registration and it was a much faster process than I thought it would be.  We also started packing our bags for the hospital!  It was so much fun picking out the onsies, jammies and socks that we are going to dress Gracie in once she arrives.  I’m sure that much like going on vacation, we are going to over pack for our hospital stay as well. ;)

Well, it’s getting late and I’m pooped so I will leave you with this cute story.  For Mardi Gras last month our work celebrated by serving the staff “King Cake.”  This is cake that is served at homes in New Orleans of people who live on or near the routes of Mardi Gras parades.  There is a baby baked in each cake and legend has it that the person who receives the baby in their piece will soon have a baby on the way!  Out of 50 employees guess who got the baby? 

Georgia did!

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