Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Things!

In the spirit of Oprah, I feel the need to share a few of my favorite things in this our 2nd week with baby.  If it weren’t for these products, life with a newborn would be much more difficult!  If there is anything you swear by as a mama please share!  I am a NEW mom and I know I still have a lot to learn.

:: Slumber Buddies ::    
This little butterfly is a nightlight and soother.  It helps calm baby with lullabies, sounds of the womb and projects stars on the ceiling.  We’ve had about 3 hard nights with Gracie thus far and our slumber buddy is what got us through it.  It really helps to calm Grace and helps her to stay asleep even when she’s gassy.

:: All Natural Boudreaux’s Butt Paste ::
When we first came home and were using disposable diapers we used Desitin ointment.  Gracie got a bad rash a few days in right around the time we switched to cloth diapers and Butt Paste.  Once we started using the Butt Paste her rash was gone in one day and it hasn’t returned!

:: WubbaNubs ::
I never thought that I would plug a pacifier because we didn’t plan to use pacifiers with baby girl – but never say never… When Gracie was in the NICU the nurses used a pacifier to sooth her whenever they needed to do anything unpleasant.  Well, our little lady grew to need a paci and we actually found one that works with her lip.  One of our friends introduced us to WubbaNubs and they are AWESOME!  These pacifiers are made to allow babies to easily grab on to the stuffed toy and keep the paci in their mouth.  They are also safety tested and BPA free!

:: SwaddleMe Infant Wrap ::
Ok, let me start by saying that the first time I saw these wraps I thought they totally looked like straight jackets for babies so I was a bit turned off.  Luckily we received a few at the baby shower and as it turns out, Gracie LOVES them!!  Unless she is swaddled in a SwaddleMe she won’t go to sleep at night.  The wraps are supposed to simulate the feeling of being bundled in the womb.

:: Lansinoh HPA Lanolin ::
This amazing stuff is used by nursing mothers to heal sore and cracked nipples but we use it for Gracie’s upper lip.  With Gracie’s cleft she has more saliva and spit up than most, which really chaps her sensitive little baby lips.  At the hospital they gave us a prescription moisturizer but it seemed to make her lip worse so we stopped using it.  My friend Deanna suggested we use Lanolin and it worked great!  Thanks Deanna :)

:: Boppy Pillow ::
And last but not least, may I introduce the Boppy.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, I’m sure you have all heard of the Boppy.  It’s awesome!  If you have a baby and you don’t have a Boppy – get one immediately.

How's that for free advertising ;)    


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