Friday, April 6, 2012

I can sew!

It’s true, I really can!  My mom came over last night for our first official sewing lesson.  This is something that we have been planning to do since me and G found out that we were expecting but life got a little too hectic so it didn’t happen until now!  I really wanted Gracie’s Easter basket to be my first project because for one, I knew it would be fairly simple but I also wanted to make her a special Easter basket because my mom always made us beautiful baskets growing up.  For a “simple” project it did take a couple of hours, but it came out so cute.  Thanks ma, I look forward to session #2!


Gracie enjoyed watching Mama sew :)

I love how it came out!

Aside from learning to sew we’ve been knee deep in birthday season!  Between G’s family and mine, nearly everyone celebrates their birthday over a 4 week period between March and April.  My brother, Angela, George, Rudy, Gracie and Georgia all have their birthday during this month block so as you can imagine – it’s a crazy couple of weeks.  Here are a few pictures of some of the birthday parties!  Happy birthday x 6!

Grandpa George’s birthday party!

Nani and all of her grandkids!

Baby girl and her GREAT, GREAT Grandma Chris :)


P.S. Gracie had her first snow day this week (in April).  Only in NM… 

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  1. the basket turned out great! Congrats on learning to sew--it's really fun to look at stuff that costs a ton and think, 'hey, I could make that! And it'd be even cuter!' Happy birthday to everyone! :)


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