Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leaving the nest

I’m not going to lie… me and G have become those paranoid parents that stay in with baby, avoid large crowds and make everyone wash their hands before coming near Gracie.  In our defense, I blame the NICU.  Before they would allow us to take Grace home they made us watch videos on the RSV virus that is going around right now, we were warned by all of our nurses to keep the baby away from anyone displaying cold like symptoms (even if they say they just have allergies) AND spending 4 days surrounded by sick little babies didn’t exactly help to ease our nervousness.  With that being said, we are not crazy germaphobes!  We have had nearly all of our close family and friends over to meet the baby and we’ve even taken her to Nani’s house, grandma’s house, the park and Hobby Lobby.  I think we both know that she needs to have some exposure to the elements and some germs if she is to build important immunities, even in the first month.  While this is important, it’s still ok to take certain precautions, right?!

Anyway, I digress… back to what I intended to write about in this post – baby’s first day out!  For our first real outing, we visited the Rio Grande Zoo with G’s best friend Jackie and her adorable little girl, Olivia.  We were a bit nervous to go but after talking to our pediatrician and getting the ok we were on our way.  It was a sunny day and the weather was perfect, not too hot.  We arrived about an hour after we had planned because as we’ve come to realize, getting anywhere on time is pretty much impossible these days… ;)  Gracie spits up often which means that we usually have to change her outfit at least once before leaving (as we did on this day) and cuddling and kisses can take up a huge chunk of time too!  I honestly don’t know how any of you parents make it to anything on time?  I’m sure we’ll get better in the area of time management but for now it’s just not happening and that’s ok. 

Jackie’s little girl is almost 3 years old and she is so darn cute!  She was our tour guide for the afternoon and pushed her stuffed animal around in a stroller as I pushed Gracie, it was adorable.  We got to the Zoo around 2pm and it closed at 5pm so we didn’t get to spend too much time seeing the animals but Gracie did great!  She slept nearly the entire time and did awesome feeding on the go.  Because she was such a good girl we bought her a book at the gift shop, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  It’s one of my favorite children’s books! 

Baby girl’s face didn’t quite make it in this photo, hehe!

We ended up having a super busy 2 days while Jackie was here.  She is a professional photographer and took Gracie’s newborn pictures. I loved the props she used and we can’t wait to see how they came out!!  My sister took our engagement pictures a few years back and my best friend took or maternity pics so we seem to have started a bit of a tradition.  Special pictures taken by special people. :)

We also gave Gracie her first bath in her big girl bathtub.  Since her umbilical cord fell off we’ve been bathing with her in the shower in the master bathroom.  One of us will sit on the floor of the shower with a towel on our lap to bathe her and she LOVES it.  She just lays on us under the warm water with a smile on her face.  Her bath in the tub didn’t look as enjoyable for her but she got through it with minimal crying.  I actually remembered to record this “first” so I’ve posted the video below.   

And last but not least we took baby girl to meet everyone at our OB office.  They loved her!

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