Thursday, May 24, 2012

21/52: To grandmother’s house we go!

Today marks Georgia’s return to work and Gracie’s first full day at “daycare” aka grandma & grandpa’s house!  This is a picture of her this morning as we headed out.  We were emotional… she was excited. ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missing my baby :(

I am currently on day 2 of my business trip many, many miles away from Gracie.  It’s amazing how much your heart can hurt when you can’t hold or kiss your little babe.  Thank goodness for my amazing wife who has sent me a ton of pictures and some video of our baby girl.  I finally go home tomorrow and I am literally counting the hours.  God bless the iPhone and FaceTime!

P.S. Check out the awesome chandelier at my hotel.  Beautiful!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

20/52: Loving Instagram!

I know that with Project 52 you’re really only supposed to post one photo… I just couldn’t resist!  Can you blame me?  She’s just so darn cute! 

Want to join Project 52?  Click here for details.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great books for families like ours

It can be difficult to find books that represent families like ours.  I first experienced this when we found out that Gracie was on the way.  It was important to us that along with books like Cinderella and Snow White, Grace also had books that she could identify with, books that showed families like hers.  In my quest I went to one bookstore, then another and then another...  Let’s just say that I went home that day a bit sad and empty handed.  Thankfully there is a little thing called the Internet where I was able to find all the books I knew had to be out there! 

For all my fellow blogger friends (many of which are new parents), here’s a list of the books we have collected for baby girl.  If any of you have favorites that I’ve missed please share!  I’m always looking to grow our little library. :)

:: A Tale of Two Mommies By Vanita Oelschlager ::

:: All Kinds of Families by Mary Ann Holerman ::

:: Mommy, Mama and Me by Leslea Newman ::

:: I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond ::

:: and Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson ::

:: The Family Book by Todd Parr ::

:: Emma and Meesha My Boy by Kaitlyn Taylor Considine ::

:: The Different Dragon by Jennifer Bryan ::

:: Oh The Things Mommies Do by Crystal Tompkins ::

:: It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr ::    

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I’ve only cried once today…

Aren’t you all so proud of me?!  I’m pretty proud of myself considering I cried twice yesterday.  It’s 2:30pm right now and I’m at work on my lunch break missing my baby.  I returned to work to 942 emails and 16 voicemails.  The good news is that I also returned to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk from my employees and a few cards from friends.  I work with some great people, thank goodness.

I wasn’t sure how the morning was going to go considering I woke up 3 times last night because I was having crazy dreams.  I dreamt that I slept through my alarm clock and was late for work.  I dreamt that I woke to Georgia telling me that she put the baby in the bed with us but couldn’t find her (which resulted in me waking up and digging through our pillows and blankets in a panic) and I dreamt about pirates.  I dream about pirates often… I know, random.  Luckily the morning went great.  My alarm went off at 6am as planned and it woke Gracie up too.  When I went over to her bed she gave me the biggest smiles as if to say, “good morning mama”.  It was the perfect way to start my day.    

I’ve called G a total of 5 times so far and she has called and sent me pictures as well, which has helped to get me through the day. 

Below is one of the pics G sent me this morning of baby girl.  I miss her… only 3 hours to go!+

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day Weekend

What a wonderful weekend!  Our first Mother’s Day started with the greatest surprise ever – my little sis came into town to spend the weekend with us.  Missy lives in Vancouver and usually only makes it home 1-2 times a year, so to have her visit twice in 2 months was such an awesome surprise!  G and me began the weekend with our first date since the arrival of Gracie.  I was a bit nervous because up until Friday, Grace hadn’t spent more than an hour away from either of us since she was born.  Grandma and grandpa volunteered to babysit so that we could go and see Avengers and she did great.  So good in fact, they wanted her to spend the night!  While I’m sure Gracie will one day LOVE to have sleepovers, I don’t think either of us will be ready for that anytime soon! ;)
Saturday we had a family day at our casa so the house was crazy busy!  The boys came over after their basketball games with auntie Missy and Nani and ran around like a wild pack of animals.  The bigger Rudy and Devin get the more I realize that we will need a bigger house before having any more kiddos!  We all had so much fun playing together and getting ready for Mother’s Day.  Even Gracie stayed awake because she didn’t want to miss any of the action and because she has become a cat napper!  Our little lady is no longer a sleep all day baby.

Sunday was our first Mother’s Day and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  We started the day with brunch at Church St. Cafe in Old Town joined by the whole family.  I can honestly say that I was more excited for Mother’s Day than I was for Christmas!  Motherhood is a club that Georgia and I have longed to be a part of for the nearly 3 years that it took to get our beautiful baby girl here.  This is all that I could think about all day.  I just felt so grateful and blessed to be this sweet girl’s mama.  God is good.

Here are a few more pictures of our day ~

And behold my 1st Mother’s Day gift – a Pandora charm bracelet with a beautiful baby girl and owl charm.  Thank you babe, I love it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to work so soon

Baby girl being all sweet.
Yes, it’s true.  I officially go back to work on Wednesday.  When I think about going back I’m flooded with feelings of sadness, anxiety and general grumpiness.  I can’t believe how quickly 10 weeks came and went.  It’s so weird… on the one hand, I’m a little excited to be around adults again and to mingle with friends/co-works, while on the other hand I can’t handle the thought of Gracie being away from me for 9 hours of the day.  The one glimmering ray of sunshine is that baby girl will be with her grandma and grandpa while her mamas are at work so I am very grateful for that.  I think that if we had to ship her off to strangers I would be much more panicked right now.  With the special bottles she needs in order to adequately feed (that often malfunction) and the extra time it can take to feed her an entire bottle, I am so relieved to know that grandma and grandpa have the love and patience needed to keep her happy and healthy.  With that being said… I’m sure my first couple of weeks back are totally going to suck and I’m probably going to cry often so wish me luck.

On a happier note, my pop-in-law (aka grandpa) is seriously awesome!  I’ve blogged before about how much he does for us but it warrants mentioning again.  A little over a year ago I posted a DIY to-do list for 2011 that we never really to-did… anyhow, one of the things on our list was to purchase and install a security door.  Fast forward 16 months and tada – we have our security door!  G’s parents bought it for us as a birthday present and my amazing pop-in-law installed it earlier this week (along with fixing our AC).  

Thank you both so much!  I feel safer already. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you!

This past week, Gracie and I had a very special lunch with my Kappa mom, Cortney.  C arrived at our luncheon with a beautiful piece of button art for baby girl!  She made the picture by hand and brought it with her all the way from Washington, D.C.  Thank you so much ma!  I can’t wait to hang it in Gracie’s room. :)    

Two Months of Gracie

Our baby girl is 2 months old – can you believe it?!  This past month has flown by and Grace has changed so much!  I look at her now and marvel at just how big she is and how much more active she has become.  Along with being a super chatty little babe who coos and makes the funniest little noises all the time, I honestly believe that we may have the happiest baby on earth.  I realize that all parents probably feel this way about their baby, but this is something that Georgia and I are told by every person that spends time with Gracie.  Our friends and family just can’t get over how much she smiles and squeals with excitement at every little thing.  Grace does have bouts with crankiness every now and then when she is starving or trying to poop, but this is really the only time that she’s not loving life!  It makes us so happy that she is a happy girl.  We must be doing something right. :)  

One of Gracie’s biggest milestones in month two was the start of her bedtime routine.  Month one was all about adjusting to our new life as a family of three, which was fairly unstructured (aside from feeding every 3 hours).  When month two rolled around we set her bedtime between 9-10pm.   We wanted to have at least a month to establish a routine before going back to work.  Each night we begin the wind down around 9pm by getting Gracie all cleaned up whether that means it’s a bath night or just a wash up.  This is followed by end of day cuddle time and good nights kisses.  When she is put to bed she stays up for 10-20 minutes in her bassinet smiling at the stars on the ceiling before falling fast asleep.  The consistency seems to be working out great for Gracie and it’s also nice to have some time with G before ending the day.

The best moment for me in month two was the moment I realized that Gracie knew I was her mama.  I know that may sound silly, but when you’re not the birth mom you always wonder if your babe has that bond and knows that you too are their parent.  For me, it happened at a lunch date with Georgia’s best friends.  We were at lunch and the girls were taking turns holding Gracie as we ate.  She did great, but by friend number 6 she was done with being passed around so she began to cry and didn’t want to stop.  After our friends tried bouncing and pacifying Grace I came over and held her in my arms.  In that moment she suddenly stopped crying and was totally fine.  Our friend Felicia said “well, she knows her mama”.  When Felicia said that I suddenly felt the same thing – she knew her mama.  I had to go outside because I felt like crying.  It was pretty profound for me – something I will never forget.  She knew I was her mom, and I knew she was my daughter *tear*.

Here’s a bit more on what our little stinker was up to in month TWO ~    

* Baby girl has way more alert time, mostly in the mornings.  Aside from a few catnaps during the day, which last about 30 minutes, she is awake and ready to play!
* She LOVES music, so we play it often.  CD’s, the music on her swing or play mat, mama’s singing – she loves it all.    
* She now weighs 10.2lbs and is 21 inches long!
* She has hit the 6-hour mark for sleeping at night.  She sleeps 5-6 hours at night before waking for her early morning feeding.
* Poop has become a daily occurrence, which is great because she seems less gassy when she’s able to take a poop. ;)
* She follows us all over the house with her eyes.  She has even begun to turn her head when we walk behind her. 
* Our gal LOVES all ceiling fans!  She smiles and coos at the fan all day.   
* She has developed different cries for different needs.  She has a distinct hungry cry, which is different from her gassy/poopie cry.    
* She has nearly grown out of all her NB clothing and is now rocking her 0-3 month clothes.
* Baby girl’s favorite thing to do right now is play on her activity mat.  She used to just look up at the toys that hang over the mat but now she goes crazy smacking them around.  It is the cutest thing to watch her squeal as she plays with her new little friends. ;)

On to month 3!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A visit to the plastic surgeon

This past Monday we had a follow-up appointment with Gracie’s plastic surgeon (PS).  It had been over a month since our previous appointment so both Georgia and I were super anxious.  One of the reasons we were anxious was that our last appointment with the PS was very rushed and left us feeling as though questions weren’t answered and we really didn’t know what the plan was for baby girl’s treatment.  Determined to keep this from happening again, we came prepared to this follow-up appointment with a typed out list of questions that he WAS going to answer!  I think we were both prepared to block the door should the doctor decide to try and rush out… luckily this was an unnecessary measure, haha!  Our PS was much more engaged and relaxed at this appointment, which gave us ample time to ask our many questions. :) 

Because many of our friend and family follow our blog and always want to know how things are going with Gracie’s lip – here are a few of the Q&A’s from our appointment.

- How long is the surgery?  The surgery will take between 2-3 hours.

- In addition to closing the lip, will the surgery correct her right nostril (which is larger than the left and is collapsed)?  The operation will correct both the lip and the nostril however the nostrils will not look exactly the same.  Gracie will need to have rhinoplasty at age 17 to repair her deviated septum and further correct her nostril.

- What is the recovery like?  How long until she is 100%? The recovery is 1-2 weeks.

- What are the side effects of the operation?  Side effects can include swelling, puffiness and a possible minor revision at 1 year old if necessary.  Our PS said that only in rare cases is the revision needed.

- Following this initial operation, what surgeries will Gracie need in the future?  At 1 year she may need revision surgery, at 6 years old she will need oral surgery (bone graphing) and at 17 she will need a nose job.  And here I always said I would never be one of those moms who gets their daughter a nose or boob job… never say never. ;)

Believe it our not, our baby girl is 2 months old (2 months post coming soon)!  Here are a few pictures taken over the past 2 weeks.  What a little cutie pie!

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