Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back to work so soon

Baby girl being all sweet.
Yes, it’s true.  I officially go back to work on Wednesday.  When I think about going back I’m flooded with feelings of sadness, anxiety and general grumpiness.  I can’t believe how quickly 10 weeks came and went.  It’s so weird… on the one hand, I’m a little excited to be around adults again and to mingle with friends/co-works, while on the other hand I can’t handle the thought of Gracie being away from me for 9 hours of the day.  The one glimmering ray of sunshine is that baby girl will be with her grandma and grandpa while her mamas are at work so I am very grateful for that.  I think that if we had to ship her off to strangers I would be much more panicked right now.  With the special bottles she needs in order to adequately feed (that often malfunction) and the extra time it can take to feed her an entire bottle, I am so relieved to know that grandma and grandpa have the love and patience needed to keep her happy and healthy.  With that being said… I’m sure my first couple of weeks back are totally going to suck and I’m probably going to cry often so wish me luck.

On a happier note, my pop-in-law (aka grandpa) is seriously awesome!  I’ve blogged before about how much he does for us but it warrants mentioning again.  A little over a year ago I posted a DIY to-do list for 2011 that we never really to-did… anyhow, one of the things on our list was to purchase and install a security door.  Fast forward 16 months and tada – we have our security door!  G’s parents bought it for us as a birthday present and my amazing pop-in-law installed it earlier this week (along with fixing our AC).  

Thank you both so much!  I feel safer already. :)


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2012

    I love the door! I don't love going back to work, but it sounds like she'll be in great hands!

  2. OH wow ! Sending you lots of strength next week. I remember not being able to do it when I had I went back 2 days a week.

  3. I have to go back very soon after birth...but super happy that my partner can stay at home for a bit longer...tough decisions...but I'm sure babies adjust well!


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