Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I’ve only cried once today…

Aren’t you all so proud of me?!  I’m pretty proud of myself considering I cried twice yesterday.  It’s 2:30pm right now and I’m at work on my lunch break missing my baby.  I returned to work to 942 emails and 16 voicemails.  The good news is that I also returned to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my desk from my employees and a few cards from friends.  I work with some great people, thank goodness.

I wasn’t sure how the morning was going to go considering I woke up 3 times last night because I was having crazy dreams.  I dreamt that I slept through my alarm clock and was late for work.  I dreamt that I woke to Georgia telling me that she put the baby in the bed with us but couldn’t find her (which resulted in me waking up and digging through our pillows and blankets in a panic) and I dreamt about pirates.  I dream about pirates often… I know, random.  Luckily the morning went great.  My alarm went off at 6am as planned and it woke Gracie up too.  When I went over to her bed she gave me the biggest smiles as if to say, “good morning mama”.  It was the perfect way to start my day.    

I’ve called G a total of 5 times so far and she has called and sent me pictures as well, which has helped to get me through the day. 

Below is one of the pics G sent me this morning of baby girl.  I miss her… only 3 hours to go!+


  1. Girl you are rocking it OUT !
    Way to go !

  2. Pirates! I love my pirate dreams!

  3. LOL! Glad to hear that I'm not the only person who has crazy pirate dreams! :)


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