Monday, May 7, 2012

A visit to the plastic surgeon

This past Monday we had a follow-up appointment with Gracie’s plastic surgeon (PS).  It had been over a month since our previous appointment so both Georgia and I were super anxious.  One of the reasons we were anxious was that our last appointment with the PS was very rushed and left us feeling as though questions weren’t answered and we really didn’t know what the plan was for baby girl’s treatment.  Determined to keep this from happening again, we came prepared to this follow-up appointment with a typed out list of questions that he WAS going to answer!  I think we were both prepared to block the door should the doctor decide to try and rush out… luckily this was an unnecessary measure, haha!  Our PS was much more engaged and relaxed at this appointment, which gave us ample time to ask our many questions. :) 

Because many of our friend and family follow our blog and always want to know how things are going with Gracie’s lip – here are a few of the Q&A’s from our appointment.

- How long is the surgery?  The surgery will take between 2-3 hours.

- In addition to closing the lip, will the surgery correct her right nostril (which is larger than the left and is collapsed)?  The operation will correct both the lip and the nostril however the nostrils will not look exactly the same.  Gracie will need to have rhinoplasty at age 17 to repair her deviated septum and further correct her nostril.

- What is the recovery like?  How long until she is 100%? The recovery is 1-2 weeks.

- What are the side effects of the operation?  Side effects can include swelling, puffiness and a possible minor revision at 1 year old if necessary.  Our PS said that only in rare cases is the revision needed.

- Following this initial operation, what surgeries will Gracie need in the future?  At 1 year she may need revision surgery, at 6 years old she will need oral surgery (bone graphing) and at 17 she will need a nose job.  And here I always said I would never be one of those moms who gets their daughter a nose or boob job… never say never. ;)

Believe it our not, our baby girl is 2 months old (2 months post coming soon)!  Here are a few pictures taken over the past 2 weeks.  What a little cutie pie!

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  1. that all sounds great--glad the recovery time isn't too long, and that she won't need too many more things done!


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