Wednesday, June 27, 2012

15wk Well-Baby Visit

Gracie’s surgery is in just 21 days… the countdown has officially begun!  We had our 4-month well baby visit on Thursday, which was a bit before the 16-week mark due to her operation.  Grace isn’t allowed to have any meds within 3 weeks of the cleft surgery and if she gets sick the operation will be pushed back.  Because pediatrician office’s are typically crawling with sick kiddos and we knew baby girl was due for her 2nd and 3rd shots, we wanted to schedule her appointment at least a month before “G day” otherwise known as Gracie’s operation day.

I was a little nervous for this check-up because I knew baby girl was going to get poked not once but twice and shots always make me super anxious!  Before G gave birth we made the decision with our Ped. to span Gracie’s 1st year immunizations out over a 2-year period rather than 12 months.  Because of this she had only received one shot prior to this appointment and we still had very clear memories of how heartbreaking it was to watch her go through it the first time.  Thankfully she handled shots #2 and #3 like a champ which was a good thing because we totally forgot to bring her bottle AND binks to soothe… she had to self-soothe this time around, poor girl.  Other than that Doctor C said that little babe is doing great!  She was very impressed with Gracie’s vocal development and even said that Grace is much more vocal than most babies she sees at this age!  She asked if we read to baby G often, to which we replied – yes ma’am!  Reading to Grace is so important to me so I was beyond happy to get feedback on how much it’s helping her!  During the appointment Gracie actually interrupted the doctor 3 times insisting that we all pay attention to her, so we did.  It was hilarious!  Doctor C also gave us kudos on baby’s leg strength and balance.  Gracie LOVES to stand 24/7 so this appointment gave her ample opportunity to show off this skill. ;) 

Aside from Grace getting weighed and measured, that pretty much sums it up.  

4-month stats:
·       Height: 23.5 inches – 40th percentile
·       Weight: 12lbs, 13oz – 35th percentile
·       Head size/brain growth: 16 inches – 57th percentile


  1. Such a tiny sweet little peanut.
    Glad everything went well :)

  2. Thank you! It's funny, all this time we've been thinking Grace is getting so big and it turns out she is in the 35th percentile! She is still just a little bean. ;)


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