Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Bucket List #2: Lavender Festival

In 4 days time our little gal is going to be back home, in recovery and cooped up for at least 7 days.  Knowing Gracie and how antsy she can be when we spend just the weekend indoors, I have a feeling that it may be a LONG week for her (and us).  With this in mind, we really wanted to get out this weekend and do something as a family that involved sunshine and fresh air.  I had heard about the NM Lavender Festival before and wanted to go last year but it was canceled due to a bad grow year.  When I read online that this year's festival was a go I was all over it.  The Village of Los Ranchos hosts the festival, which is in the Valley.  Me being a “Valley girl” born and raised, I love doing anything that brings me back to the place I grew up!

New Mexico can get ridiculously hot this time of year so it was our mission to get out of the house early and beat the afternoon heat.  We ended up heading out at 9:30am, which is still shocking to me and following a short shuttle to the park we arrived within an hour.  The festival was so much fun!  They had an all-day Valley Flowers Farm petting area that had the cutest baby goats, chicks, ducks and alpacas.  Gracie loved the little animals and had zero fear of getting up close and touching them.  We of course kept her behind the fence and didn’t let her pet the animals (hello helicopter parents…) but she didn’t know the difference and was thoroughly fascinated.

One of the other reasons I wanted to get to the Lavender Fest early was to scratch another activity off our Summer Fun Bucket List!  I read that the Susie & Friends Family Music Group was going to perform at 11am and one of the things G and me really wanted to do with baby this summer was have some family music time.  The group was so much fun and while I think Grace enjoyed listening to songs like BINGO and You Are My Sunshine, she was much more interested in watching all of the other kiddos dancing around under the tent.  She didn’t take her eyes off of them the entire time we were there.

Following music time, we took a break under the big tent to listen to the Muddy River Band.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because as soon as we sat down Grace took a giant poop!  After a quick diaper change, a couple of songs and a bottle we headed to the food area.  Me and G chowed down on some gourmet BBQ before heading back to the shuttles.  As we shuttled to our Jeep and Grace sat on G’s lap in her car seat, I couldn't help but give thanks for all of our blessings.  Grace is such a good girl and a happy little baby.  There is literally nothing we can’t do with her because she enjoys it all.  While I am nervous about her upcoming surgery, for one afternoon I think we all got to do something that took our minds off of it.  It was a pretty great day.  

On a side note, G is at her softball game, which means it’s just me and baby girl AND she has been asleep for 2 hours!  She never takes naps for this long and this late in the day.   I’m not tired, the house is clean and I’ve blogged… now what?

2 down, 12 to go!

1.    Take baby girl swimming for the first time
2.    Go to a Music Together family music class
3.    Visit the Public Library to get Gracie her very own library card
4.    Take Gracie to her first Little Gym class
5.    Go on a picnic at a park we’ve never visited
6.    Take our first family trip to Penasco
7.    Visit grandma and grandpa’s Senior Center
8.    Begin baby sign language lessons
9.    Take Gracie to Toddler Time at ¡Explora!
10. Visit a city park to take baby girl swinging
11. Spend an afternoon visiting the Nature Center
12. Take a Gymboree Play & Learn class
13. Complete an art project with Gracie
14. Visit the Botanical Gardens

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