Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Favorite Things - Part II

You may recall a post I shared back in March, when Gracie was just 2 weeks old, detailing our FAVORITE baby items.  Well, it is my pleasure to present you with the second installment of our “favorite things” now that we no longer have a newborn but rather – an infant!  Where did the time go?!  Sheesh!  If you have a favorite baby item that isn’t listed, PLEASE share!  I am always on the hunt for baby and toddler stuff that is safe, fun and/or makes my life as a mom easier. :)

:: NoseFrida Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator ::

With Gracie’s (former) cleft lip, she has been a booger machine since birth and an extremely congested baby!  I first read about the NoseFrida in a parenting magazine listed as a must have according to actress, Christina Applegate. The nose sucker they gave us in the hospital was super crappy and so were all the others we purchased.  I was open to trying anything that would work better.  This booger catcher is a doctor-developed, natural way to keep babies snot free.  You use your own suction to draw mucus out of the baby’s nose but don’t worry – a disposable filter prevents the transfer of bacteria (aka, baby boogers).  It’s easy to clean and BPA/Phthalate-free.

:: Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toy ::

We were given this take along, car seat toy for Gracie’s baby shower and she ADORES it!  Until attaching Freddie the Firefly to baby girl’s car seat, she would often fuss as we drove her to and from grandma’s house.  Since Freddie has joined the caravan, Gracie does great and plays the entire car ride.  The awesome thing about the toy is that there are ribbons and textures that she loves to explore, which stimulate tactile senses.  The wings crinkle and rattle for auditory awareness and the bright colors keep her engaged.  Plus, it’s just cute to hear her cooing as she plays in the backseat. :)

:: Tummy Time Boppy ::

G bought this baby sized Boppy for Gracie to use during the weeks that she is recovering from surgery.  It’s the perfect sized pillow for tummy time, napping, and sitting up.  Grace has gotten some great sitting practice with the TTB and has been able to continue working on her tummy time and rolling over even with stitches in her lip and nose!

:: Vulli Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether Toy ::

Gracie LOVES her Sophie!  This teething ring is made of 100% natural rubber from the hevea tree, it is safe and natural, Phthalate-free, and is non-toxic/not made with vinyl.  The Sophie giraffe is painted with non-toxic paint as well, which is awesome.  Some of the reasons I think Grace loves it so much is that it is easy to grip and has a unique texture, it is very chewy and she enjoys staring at Sophie’s little face!  Warning… it is a bit pricey considering its size but in my opinion, it's totally worth the money.  Special thanks to our friend Ashley for getting Gracie her first Sophie toy!

:: Children’s Books by Chris Van Dusen ::

These are my absolutely FAV children’s books because they get such a reaction out of Gracie.  I don’t know if it’s the rhyming stories or the awesome colorful illustrations but baby G goes nuts whenever we read anything by Chris Van Dusen.  I came across the books on and they were all very reasonably priced.

:: SwaddleMe Muslim Blankets ::

These blankets are a must have in summer months.  They are cool, soft and breathable, which is perfect on hot summer days.  The blankets are 100% cotton and come in the most adorable patterns.  Grace has to be wrapped in a blanket to fall asleep and these blankets have been perfect for this now that summer is here PLUS these are the only blankets that I can swaddle her in that she can’t get out of!

:: Bumbo Baby Seat ::

Much like the Boppy Pillow, this is a well-known MUST have for all parents.  Your little babe has to have neck control before you can use it but once you can, it will be a lifesaver for you!  We sit Gracie in her Bumbo when she watches her little baby shows with us and we also use it on the dining table during dinner so that she can join us.  We no longer have to take turns eating dinner while one of us tends to baby and we actually get to eat warm food!  BONUS: I would also suggest purchasing the Bumbo Seat Play Tray once your baby starts eating.  It’s a great alternative to a highchair and is much more mobile! 

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