Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Month Check-up

This past Monday was baby girl’s 5 month check-up and I am quickly learning that if you’ve been to one well-baby visit you basically know the drill.  Just like at Gracie’s 15-week appointment she was weighed, measured and poked (twice)!  Grace was up for her next 2 shots and the nurse that administered the shots this time was anything but gentle.  Any parent will tell you that it’s hard to watch your little babe get poked but it’s even harder when the nurse you’re working with is super unfriendly, doesn’t interact with your baby and jabs the needle in like she’s letting the air out of a tire.  Here’s hoping we don’t get Nurse Grumpy next time…

Grace was so flippin cute the morning of our appointment.  She woke in the best mood and looked pretty adorable as we left the house.  Georgia left work a little before me in the afternoon to pick up the baby so they were already in the lobby when I arrived.  There is nothing I love more than walking into a room and seeing how excited Grace is to see either of us.  She usually smiles, squeals and as the picture below shows – puts her hands in her mouth lookin all giddy!

Similar to our previous appointment, Gracie chatted us up the entire time often interrupting Dr. C.  She really seems to like her pediatrician, which is great for us because we LOVE her!  Dr. C is awesome with Grace.  She always takes time to sit down and have a “conversation” with Gracie and has never once made us feel rushed.  I usually have about a million questions and she is always happy to answer all them.  This appointment was one that we were very much looking forward to because we knew we were finally getting the "okay" to introduce solids!  I did a little bit of research on stage 1 feeding prior to the appointment and to be honest, with all the conflicting information I came across I was more confused than anything.  We ended up having a very lengthy talk with Dr. C about our feeding plan and I know I left feeling much better.  We have since started Gracie on solids (organic carrots to be exact) but we are only on day 3 of food #1, so I’ll blog about our adventures in solids once Grace has tried a couple other fruits and veggies.  Until then, here are some stats and more pictures. :)   

5-month stats:
·       Height: 24.5 inches – 27th percentile
·       Weight: 14lbs, 7oz – 44th percentile
·       Head Circumference: 16.8 inches – 70th percentile

And just because it’s so cute, here’s one more picture of baby girl!

Happy almost-Friday!


  1. Adorable! I love the little outfit!

    I have blogged quite a bit about baby food, if you're interested. As a nutritionist, I've done a ton of research over the years on baby/children's nutrition. I totally agree that there is so much conflicting info out there. Read it all and go with your gut!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm totally interested in learning more about feeding. I'm headed to your blog now. :)

  3. Hey, was so lovely to come to your blog to catch up as we've been so busy enjoying the first few weeks of our baby boys life.
    Glad your little lady is doing well. she's simply gorgeous.

  4. You had the baby! Congratulations to you both! I think I must have your old web address because I didn't see any updates. I'll have to catch up at lunch today. :)


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