Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It’s Official…

Baby G is rolling over!  Woot, woot!  She rolled over for the first time 2 weeks ago but following the one roll over she was done.  The days following the big event, I tried working with her during TT because I wanted to see her do it again but she was over it.  You can imagine our surprise when she rolled over this afternoon like it was no big deal.  We had laid her down in the living room so that we could put her activity jumper together and BAM – she rolled over.  We were shocked and so proud of her.  I, of course, grabbed my camera just in time to catch roll over #2.  Since then, she has rolled over 2 more times so I think it’s safe to say that she has officially met this milestone at 4 ½ months old.  Go Gracie!  

P.S. please ignore the obnoxious voice in the video… I have no idea who that lady is ;)


  1. love that cute little video and proud parents in the background.

    1. Thanks Kari! Who knew a boring old Wednesday would turn into something so exciting. :)

  2. You sound like every mother whose child has accomplished this amazing feat. :)
    Congratulation on another milestone check off.

  3. Thanks K! I can only imagine how we're going to react when she takes her first step, lol!


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