Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shark Week!

It’s finally here!  The week I look forward to every year – SHARK WEEK!  My poor child has watched more television today than she has in her entire life because I can’t seem to pull myself away.  Aside from our family nap this afternoon and about an hour of reading time, we have been watching non-stop shark TV. In my defense, I will say that at least she is watching an educational program on the Discovery Channel and not a Jersey Shore marathon, haha!

Grace has her 5 1/2 month check-up tomorrow afternoon so we’re pretty pumped to see how much she has grown AND to get the ok to start feeding her cereal.  Me and G have a little bet going… G thinks that Gracie is going to weigh-in @ 14.2 lbs and I say 15+.  We shall see. ;)

In the spirit of SW, this is what we’ll be reading for story time this week ~

Next up: Air Jaws Apocalypse!


  1. So glad to know that we are not alone in our obsession with shark week. Too funny!!

  2. Oh, no way! My entire family is pretty much obsessed, ha!

  3. Its so awesome that you incorporate your tv with your stories!


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