Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chile Season

Chile season is a big deal in the Roybal house.  Well, I guess it’s a big deal in New Mexico in general.  Green chile is as much a part of New Mexican culture as the Balloon Fiesta, luminarias and Old Town and for as far back as I can remember, my family has stocked the freezer every September with the yummy stuff! 

My ma hosted her first chile peeling party a few years ago and it has become somewhat of a tradition.  Each year we all get together, head to the Fruit Basket, buy boxes of the goods and proceed to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening peeling about a million chiles.  It really is so much fun!  We always cook something amazing; watch some sort of sporting event and hang out outside.  This year a family friend gave us a gigantic cut of beef that he got at a cooking convention so we sliced up a few steaks and grilled out.  Delicious.

The girls were just as cute as ever hanging out in their walkers and playing in the living room.  They even ended up going to sleep around the same time in their nursery at Nani’s.  Apparently Mia is a little ninja and has discovered how to climb out of her pink walker so we had to put her in Gracie’s.  The Jeep is too bulky for baby girl right now anyway and it fit Mia perfectly – more importantly, she couldn’t get out of it!  As much as I love Gracie’s Jeep walker it really is bigger than we thought it would be.  It may need to go back. :(

I tried to get as many pictures of our little gal at her first chile peeling party as I could, however I’m finding it harder and harder to snap her picture these days.  She is a wiggle worm and is always on the move.  She’s looking more and more like she may be ready to crawl soon.  I give it a few more weeks!     

It was a beautiful day of relaxing in the backyard, which is my favorite thing to do.  Grass (a rare commodity here in the high desert), twinkle lights hanging from the trees, gazebo, swings and flowers!  What’s not to LOVE

P.S. Things are also getting much better on the home front with Gracie’s sleep.  She is actually on hour 2 of her afternoon nap as I type.  Thank you Jesus.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. So jealous of all that chile!! I can't wait to get some this winter. *drool*

    1. Do you guys come down to NM or have it shipped. My sister lives in Van Couver and goes through chile withdrawals too. I've been meaning to ship her some, just not sure how much it would cost? $$


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