Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Milestone Mania!

This weekend has been milestone mania in our house!  In just 4 days…

- Gracie started saying her first words!  I’m being totally serious, people!  On Thursday, I thought I heard her say mama and when I told G she didn’t believe me, lol.  The next day she said mama (maaama) and mom (mum) in front of both of us.  Since then she has said both words several times in front of G’s entire family, which was nice because it proved to us that we’re not just hearing things!  From what I’ve read, first words can start as early as 4/5 months.  I think I’m just in shock – ekkkk!     

- Friday she began rolling over back to tummy (tummy to back was last month) and now refuses to stay on her back, period.  When we lay her down for playtime she is flipped within seconds.

- She has started to sleep on her tummy at night.  Last night I had to go in and roll her over on to her back 3 times before I went to bed.  This morning we woke to find her sleeping on her tummy again!

- The Bumbo is pretty much useless as of this weekend as well.  We had the family over for dinner last night and sat Grace in her Bumbo on the top of the table as we usually do when eating dinner and watched as she used her feet to push the Bumbo to the EDGE of the table!  We were shocked as we watched her to try and push herself off the tabletop.  We are always present when she’s in the Bumbo, of course, but it was crazy to see how mobile she’s become, Bumbo and all.

This kid… she is just too much. ;)


  1. She's absolutely brilliant.
    and loved :)

    1. That she is! Thanks! She has become such a character. When she wears sunglasses she takes on this little diva persona. It is the funniest thing. ;)

  2. She is so adorable. Peyton's first word was "Dada" - of course, that's just because M and D are the most common easy letters, but what a shocker to us! :P Anyway, as always Gracie is adorable and I so love reading about her!

  3. Thanks so much! I was just reading on a "lesbian moms" blog that it's actually really common for a first word to be dada even where there is no dad involved. I imagine you and your wife were surprised by that, lol!


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