Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Bucket List #1: Take Grace Swimming

This past weekend our friend Jackie had a swimming b-day party for her adorable little girl, Olivia, so we finally got to take Gracie swimming!  I have been dying to take Grace for a swim all summer but every time we’ve tried to plan a swim day somethings come up.  This time around plans worked out and we ended up having such a fun day in the sun.

When Grace took her initial dip in the pool she cried out in surprise (the water was a bit cold) but quickly acclimated.  We held her close and spun her around a few times to get her comfortable before plopping her in the baby floater.

Our little baby floater was the best 20 bucks I’ve ever spent – it worked out perfect!  The inside of the floater is designed similar to her jumper so she seemed comfortable sitting in it and it was small enough that she could sit forward or lean back without getting her upper body and head wet.  Bonus: She looked super cute in it. ;)  

Me and baby girl did an underwater dunk together and she did awesome!  Georgia was very nervous when I told her that we were going to go under because she thought I was literally going to just dunk our poor baby… Once I explained that I was going to follow all the swimming lesson guidelines when going under, i.e. blow in the baby’s face first, etc. – she felt much better.  We ended up going under not once, but twice and both times baby girl came up smiling!  Gracie is a water sign like me and she definitely lived up to it!  We were one of the first to jump in the pool and the last to get out, raisin fingers and all. ;)

Go Cowboys!  Holla!

 About an hour later Grace pooped out.  It did make for a great photo.

6 down, 8 to go!

- Take baby girl swimming for the first time
- Go to a Music Together family music class
- Visit the Public Library to get Gracie her very own library card
- Take Gracie to her first Little Gym class
- Go on a picnic at a park we’ve never visited
- Take our first family trip to Penasco
- Visit grandma and grandpa’s Senior Center
- Begin teaching baby sign language
- Take Gracie to Toddler Time at ¡Explora!
- Visit a city park to take baby girl swinging
- Spend an afternoon visiting the Nature Center
- Take a Gymboree Play & Learn class
- Complete an art project with Gracie
- Visit the Botanical Gardens 

Happy birthday, Olivia!


  1. That baby floater is THE shiz.

    Yay for your water baby!

  2. LOL! Mandi, it is the shiz! We took Grace swimming again this weekend and she did so good. I hope she continues to love the water!!


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