Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Food Recipe Share

My adventures in baby food making continue!  This weekend I took things up a notch trying out 3 new recipes that would introduce the babe to new spices and flavors (all safe for 6+ month kiddos)!  The recipes were super easy and while baby has yet to taste them, I thought they were all delish! ;)

For any “first timers” out there, here is a quick lesson in how to make your own baby food.  When I first started making Gracie’s food I had no idea what I was doing so I hope you find this helpful.

Step 1: select the fruits and veggies you wish to purée.  Peel and slice your fruits and veggies.  For a list of foods on the “no-no list” for babies 0-12 months, click here.

Step 2: steam the goods until they are soft enough to blend.  If using a stacked steamer, put the food that steams the fastest (like apples and pears) on the top racks and foods that take longer to steam (like potatoes and carrots) on the bottom rack.  Special thanks to my awesome ma-in-law for my new, beautiful steamer!

Step 3: once food is soft enough to blend begin puréeing. When puréeing fruits and veggies, add just enough of the liquid used to make each back into the purée until you have the consistency you want.  This adds the vitamins and nutrients that may have been lost during boiling back into the recipe.  Once blended you can store each food in a glass bowl until you’re ready to make a unique recipe and/or just freeze. 

Step 4: pour or spoon purées into clean ice trays for freezing.  Once frozen, empty ice trays into individually labeled freezer bags for easy storage!  And that’s it – you’re done! 

If you try any of these recipes, I would love to hear how they turn out.  I also happily welcome any recipes you baby-food-making-mamas want to share. Happy puréeing! :)


Avocados and bananas do not need to be cooked
You will need 4 ripe bananas and 1 ripe avocado
Peel and pit avocado and cut “meat” out before dicing into small pieces
Purée bananas adding a small amount of water to purée before blending
Mix ingredients in a large bowl and freeze in clean ice tray before bagging

Perfect Pear Mash

You will need10 fully ripe pears, cinnamon and organic baby cereal
Peel, de-seed and slice pears before steaming
Once steamed, mash or purée pears as needed to preferred consistency
Prepare organic cereal in accordance with instructions on box
Add cereal to pear purée and sprinkle with a few pinches of cinnamon
 Mix recipe, you may need to add water if mixture is super thick
Spoon purée into clean ice trays and freeze
Once frozen, bag cubes in labeled freezer bags and store in freezer

Apple Cinnamon

You will need 5 apples, ½ cup water, cinnamon and vanilla extract
Peel, core and dice apples
Steam apples until soft enough to blend into a purée
Add a drop of vanilla extract to your recipe
Add water and purée ingredients until you have a smooth sauce
Add desired amount of cinnamon (a few pinches) and mix
Pour purée into clean ice trays and freeze
Once frozen, bag cubes in labeled freezer bags and store in freezer

TADA!  You now have 1 month of yummy baby food that is both nutritious and delicious!


  1. Those purees sound delicious!! Another big hit in our house was avocado and pear. If the girls had a runny nose, I would had a clove of raw organic garlic. Fantastic for the immune system but they'd have garlic breath!

    1. Grace has stomach issues every now and then so that's great to know about the garlic! Thanks :)


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