Wednesday, November 21, 2012

36 Week Well-Baby Visit

Yesterday was baby girl’s well-baby visit and she had a great report card!  Our previous check-up was in August so we were very much looking forward to this appointment.  Dr. C checked all the usual things including weight, height, head circumference and where Gracie falls on the growth curve.  Not surprisingly our little gal climbed from the 70th percentile to 86th in head circumference.  What can I say, she has a big and beautiful brain. ;)

Dr. C was very pleased with Gracie’s motor skills and energy level.  Her verbal skills were also praised and Grace made sure to give us all a sampling of just how vocal she is.  At one point, I went to the bathroom clear across the office and could hear her shouting as clear as day from inside the bathroom stall, lol!  We discussed baby’s diet and talked about new foods we plan to try this month.  Some of the new foods we’re introducing include, black beans, pinto beans, cottage cheese, onion, garlic, cauliflower, peaches, natural yogurt and the spices nutmeg and cumin.  With the exception of peas, Grace has LOVED everything so I’m sure she will enjoy these new foods too!

The highlight of this appointment was getting the “all clear” on the lump in Gracie’s arm.  Up to today I haven’t blogged about the lump because I was just too freaked out at the thought of what it could be to even talk about it.  We discovered the lump a few months ago while putting lotion on Grace and were terrified because it was rather large and hard which is bad news when it comes to any kind of mass.  Our pediatrician along with another doctor assured us that they were almost 100% positive that it was simply a collection of tissue and would dissolve on its own.  After months of watching it closely it turns out they were right – it has completely dissolved!  Thank you Jesus!

8 Month Stats:
  • Weight: 18lbs 12oz – 60th percentile
  • Height: 27in – 43rd percentile
  • Head Circumference: 17.8in – 86th percentile

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and the good news we received yesterday, the thing I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving is our healthy and happy baby girl.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Not only did Gracie change in 5 months....but her doctor too. Wow ! She looks so much older in the comparison pictures. :)

    Ok, if my baby had a lump and the doctors said to watch it. SCARY ! and SO SO glad that it dissolved on its own.

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.
    You have much to be grateful for.

    1. Thank you, K. We were so thankful to get the good news! Funny observation about Dr. C. Maybe it's the glasses. ;)

  2. Of all the pictures that I take of Peyton, I never thought to take a picture of her at the doctor visits! I am now inspired! LOL, anyway, I am glad that Gracie is healthy and happy!

    1. Haha, I'm pretty sure our doc thought I was nuts at first but now she's used to the picture taking. ;)

      Thank you for the well wishes!


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