Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Crafting: DIY Christmas Card Display

When I think back to my early childhood years, I don’t really remember the vacations we took as a family or many of the other “big things” that took place like my first day of school.  And while I don’t remember the details of a lot of these events, I do remember all of the holiday traditions, décor and overall feel of the holiday season that filled my house growing up.  I think this is why it has been so important to Georgia and I that Grace have a truly magical first Christmas.  As we decorate the Christmas tree every year, my favorite ornaments to put up are my baby ornaments and the ones I made as a kiddo (thank you mom for letting me have these, by the way)!  They are worn, missing most of their glitter but still they are so special to me.  My hope is that Gracie and any other babies Georgia and I have in the years to come, share in this holiday spirit.

One decoration in particular that I can remember clear as day, is the card display my mom made when I was in elementary school.  It was red and green, made of felt and had candy canes hanging from it.  This is where my family hung the holiday pictures and Christmas cards we received from family and friends.  As a kid I remember sitting near the front door with my little sis in front of our card display while we took turns picking our favorite holiday card for the year.  I know that’s a totally random memory but I can still picture it like it was yesterday… funny the things we remember. :)

Along with the Cookie Cutter Ornaments I made last week, I chose a card display as my other Christmas craft.  This project cost less than 10 bucks and took all of 45 minutes to make.  Our Christmas card displays are now hanging on each side of the front door and are quickly filling with beautiful pictures and cards from our loved ones.  It will be funny to see how many days they last before Gracie crawls over and tears them down, hehe!

Here is what you’ll need: 2 large pre-made Christmas bows, 20 feet of Christmas ribbon, nickel alligator hair clips, 2 colors of thin Christmas ribbon, scissors, a glue gun and glue sticks.

Step 1: Cut 2 strips of ribbon to your desired length.  Make 2 triangular cuts on the end of each ribbon giving them a finished pointed look.


Step 2: Remove the cardboard packaging from the back of your Christmas bows.  Twist the twine once to secure bows.  Take the unfinished end of each cut ribbon and attach to bow using remaining twine.  Apply glue from glue gun to secure the twisted twine that is attaching your ribbon to bow.


Step 3: To make the clips that you will use to hang Christmas cards from your display, simply tie 2 different colored cuts of ribbon into a bow.  Once bows are made, glue each bow to the top of your hair clips.


Step 4: Wait 10 minutes before using clips to hang your Christmas cards. :)

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