Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meeting Santa…

Went off without a hitch!  No crying, no terror, can you even believe it?  I’ve got to say, I was very much surprised considering how things went down with the Easter Bunny earlier this year.  We had high hopes for that encounter because Grace was rested, post nap and super happy while we were in line.  Much to our surprise, the second we handed baby girl over, the floodgates opened and hysterics soon followed.  She was NOT a fan! ;)

When we decided to take Grace to meet St. Nick, we knew exactly which mall we wanted to visit thanks to our friend Sandi.  She shared a picture with us last week of her son with Santa and he looked like the real deal!  We were totally sold so on Friday when we got out of work we headed over around 3pm.  We figured this would be a slow time at the mall and early enough in the month that we would avoid the mob of shoppers making last minutes purchases.  We ended up being second in line and were in and out of there in minutes, yay!

If you ask me, it’s all about the hand off.

After meeting Santa we were on the hunt for the perfect Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament and ended up finding it at the Hallmark store.  It’s Precious Moments and it is adorable!  I bought Gracie’s first “it’s a girl” Precious Moment a few months ago and I already have her “1st Birthday” figurine so this was a nice little addition to her collection. 

It’s crazy how fun all these baby milestones are for me and G.  Seriously, who would have thought that buying an ornament could mean so much! Even Georgia’s turning into a sap like me, lol!

What are you looking forward to doing with your kiddos most this holiday season?


  1. Ok. $35! You win. We spent $30 for (1) 5x7 and (2) 3x5 pictures plus the digital copy of the print. And I thought that was expensive! But I think you had a better Santa! I love the picture. Too cute.

    1. We did get a digital copy but no 3x5's, no fair! ;) It will be worth it when these kiddos get bigger. You'll never have a 1st Christmas again!

  2. Nice job !
    Ryan will still say that he's not sitting on santa's lap. He's 4.
    Great pictures.
    I remember spending all of that money on pictures. :)

    1. I'm thinking there is a high likelihood that Grace will become terrified of Santa at one point or another as a toddler! I totally understand where Ryan's coming from! I've seen some pretty scary looking Santas in my day... Haha!


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