Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Bargains!

I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself “cheap”, but I am definitely a girl who LOVES a good bargain.  I think it’s safe to say that roughly 50% of my clothing (and the clothes I buy for G) is clearance and/or sale items.  As such, it has become my mission to do the same for Grace.

Between our baby shower and the adorable items we were “handed down” from my sister-in-law and one of G’s BFF’s, we had more Newborn baby clothing than we knew what to do with in those early months.  It was a good thing we did because with Gracie’s cleft lip she spit up 3x as much and needed to be changed often.  After around month 3, our clothing collection for the babe began to dwindle.  This is right around the time my mission to find baby bargains began!

This quest to SAVE money has transformed me into a seasonal shopper, a coupon clipper and a sale seeker.  Georgia laughs at me when I come home to share my latest finds and as much as she finds it hilarious that it is such a focused effort for me, she has totally grown to appreciate it!  When I recently returned from my 18-24 month sale shopping adventure, she suggested I share some tips on finding these types of deals.

 *Just when I think the wife could careless about the old blog,
she shows me she still reads it! Ha!*

Knowing how quickly kiddos grow from size-to-size and how expensive these teenie, tiny outfits can be, I too saw the benefits in sharing a few helpful tips.  Below are said “tips” along with photos from my most recent shopping excursion.  I hope my fellow bargain-shopping mamas find this post helpful.  I would love to hear which stores you find the best deals in (even online) and/or tips you have to save $! 

A penny saved is a penny earned… right?!

If I were to buy the following items at FULL PRICE, it would have cost: $120. 
I purchased all of this on sale for a total of: $51.80

Tip #1: The best time to bargain shop is when stores are changing from one season to another (like right now)!  With winter on it’s way out and Spring around the corner, most clothing stores are trying desperately to unload their remaining winter merchandise.  This often equals super savings on really cute outfits!

Tip #2: When looking through clearance racks, check all sections and all sizes.  Clearance racks are often messy and unorganized, which means that you can’t trust that the sizes you’re looking for are in the correct place… Nearly half of the adorable outfits I just purchased for Grace were found in the Newborn section.

Tip #3: When shopping for sale items, don’t hesitate to buy clothes for next year.  If there is one thing you know, it’s that your baby will just keep getting bigger.  So while the store may not have a warm winter coat that will fit her right now, they will likely have one in a bigger size (discounted) that she can wear next winter.  Win, win!

Tip #4: A lot of what you’ll find on sale is often mismatched outfits, i.e. a shirt missing the matching pants or a cute skirt minus the equally cute matching top.  It’s so easy to find solid colored tops and pants to pair with these types of items so I say – get it!  Especially when the item is $2 or $3 dollars like some pieces I’ve come across for Grace.   

Tip #5: If you’re looking for a cute holiday outfit (like baby’s 1st Thanksgiving), wait to make your purchase until 1-2 weeks before the holiday.  Most retailers mark this gear down as the holiday draws near and you can find some greats deals!  Who wants to pay $7 for a Christmas bib when you can get it for $2.50?

Tip #6: When shopping for baby bargains, leave your baby at home!  It takes time to find a good deal.  You often have to search through racks and dig through bins to find what you’re looking for.  Most babies don’t enjoy just hanging out while we do this… ;)

Did I miss anything?


  1. Oh I am so cheap! I once bought a shirt for Asher for 7.99 and Alex's response was "woah. thats a lot" Good tips!

    1. Haha! It's amazing how the more deals you find, the harder it is to pay full price for anything! For me, the item must be SUPER cute if I'm going to pay the sticker price!

      Asher dresses adorable, which is further evidence of the great things you can find.

  2. i love this post! i work at target so i look at the clearance racks a few times a week. it definitely helps!

    1. I LOVE, love, love Target! If I worked there I would be in serious trouble!

  3. We just did our "end of winter" bargain shopping today!!! Got $72 worth of stuff for $16.50, including adorable teeny tiny swimsuits for Baby Girl on the way :)

    1. Woot, woot! Doesn't it feel good to see how much money you saved! I'm telling you, those extreme coupon people are on to something!

      I can't wait to see Boo in her little suit. Baby swimmers are the cutest things ever. :)

  4. These are excellent tips! Thank you, Kristin. We are thinking about this kind of thing now. May I request a blog post too? I would like to know what items you think are essential to have before baby is born. We can think of a few, but it would be nice to hear from experienced moms what they think is necessary to buy and what isn't necessary. As always, I love reading your blog! :)


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