Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sleepless in New Mexico

Oh, where do I begin?  Grace turned 10 months on Monday and up to this past weekend she had yet to spend the night in her crib.  As in never… not a single night.  Our sleeping arrangement with Grace began as most parents do.  We brought her home from the hospital and she spent her nights in our room, in a playyard next to my side of the bed.  All was well for the first few months.  She was sleeping solid and only waking occasionally for feedings. 

Around the 3-4 month mark, when most parents begin transitioning their little babes to the nursery, we were preparing Gracie for surgery.  At 4 months she underwent cleft lip repair, which required her to be fed using a special bottle every 2 hours.  Following the operation we were back to square one feeding our little gal as often as one would feed an infant.  This, of course, required that she sleep near us.  Our new feeding schedule went on for several weeks and was then followed by a 2nd procedure to remove her sutures.  Once all of her medical procedures were behind us, we had an overwhelming desire to have her as close to us as possible.  It was a traumatic experience for all involved and we decided together that she would remain in our room.

Now from this point forward the details get a little fuzzy.  There were off and on conversations about if, when and how we planned to move baby girl to her room but nothing actually happened… Grace was a great sleeper and that put the move-out on the back burner.  She was a heavy sleeper, which meant we were still able to relax in or room and watch TV, use the bathroom, get ready for bed, etc. without waking her AND she slept through the night.  It was glorious while it lasted.

Our nights were all smiles and butterflies up until Gracie was around 7 months old.  As she grew bigger she became a much lighter sleeper and also grew to hate her playyard.  It became difficult to put her down for the night in her bed and you can forget about her STTN in it.  This was right around the time we took our family vacation to LA and co-slept with baby girl at her uncle Dean’s house.  Let’s just say the babe got a weeklong taste of co-sleeping and she liked it.

Things have been pretty tough on us since then.  Grace slowly became a full time co-sleeper and crawled off the bed not once, but TWICE!  Yes my friends, she fell off the bed a second time (while we were sleeping) since my post a few weeks ago and it left me panicked.  All I could think was, what’s next… a broken arm?!  Our most recent “plan” was to transition her to the nursery on January 1st and while we didn’t make the 01/01 deadline, she did spend her first night in her crib this past Friday and has started the night in her crib every day since. 

The transition has NOT been an easy one.  The longest she has lasted in her crib since Friday has been 6 hours and she has yet to make it from the 2am bottle back to the crib.  We’ve tried everything… a nightlight, a sound machine, mesh crib bumpers, super comfy and clean linens, you name it – we’ve got it going on in her room.  We even attempted the cry-it-out method last night when she wouldn’t let us put her back down after the 2am bottle.  The 2-hour battle that ensued ended with her vomiting all over Georgia.  It was an ugly night that involved a crying baby, throw up and two moms ready to strangle each other…

This parenting thing can at times be a shit storm of uncertainty, stress and sleep deprivation.  Any and all advice is welcome.

* I am happy to report that as I put Grace down tonight she woke up, began to cry and proceeded to sooth herself back to sleep.  She has been sleeping since – 2 hours and counting…


  1. She slept until 6am, she slept until 6am and when she woke she wasn't crying!! Woohoo!

  2. I think you are well on your way to a great sleeper.
    I'm not a big fan of cry it out. However I still have a 4 year old who won't sleep by himself. The other 4 are great. so my odds aren't bad. :)
    Do what works with your family. If you do the cry it out method, you can't give in. You have to stand firm or she'll know that you will cave and it will just make the crying sessions get worse.
    Good luck ! Sleep is one of the hardest things to overcome for lots of parents. You are not alone.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! We're doing a "light CIO" method right now. We've let her CIO 3 times so far but the crying has not been bad. G has said that if she starts with the hysterical cry, she's getting her. No hysterics yet!

  3. They all go through these things unfortunately :(
    We have had to do modified CIO with the girls when they've gone through sleep regression. I am not a big fan of it. It just doesn't seem right. Something that worked for us was soothing them without picking them up. Sometimes I would just stand with my hand on their back. We would try to keep it as simple as possible. They quickly learned that being picked up and rocked wasn't going to be an option.

    1. Ashleigh, thank you so much for the tip. Last night Grace woke up at 2am screaming like crazy and the soothing helped a ton!

  4. We were in the exact same boat as you. We were dragging our feet transitioning the boys to their cribs. We kept saying, "Maybe next week." We didn't even have the boys in Pack N Plays. They were still in their Rock N Plays. I was prepared for a disaster. But then two days ago I just sucked it up and put them in their cribs. And well ... not a peep. I could not believe it. So now I'm just holding my breath and waiting for them to figure out that something is different!! Anyhow ... CONGRATS!!! I know how difficult it is to make that transition. And I'm so glad things are going good now!

    1. We've been at it a week now and so far she has slept between 5-7 hours in her crib every night and Thursday she made it from 8:30pm-6:00am!! She seems to be doing better each day. I'm so glad to hear that the boys are transitioning so well. :)

  5. Sleep training is hard no matter what method you go with! Figure out what is the best method for your family and stick to it!


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