Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi there, I’m Kristin!

It's so nice to meet you! I’ve recently come to the realization that several of the friends I’ve made through this blog, otherwise known as my fellow blogging mamas – think I’m my wife, Georgia… lol. It’s true. In reading past comments and interacting with some of you on Instagram and other social networks, it has come to my attention that while most know my name is Kristin, they have confused my face with Georgia’s. I can see how easy it would be to do this… we’re both women, we do resemble each other (which often prompts people to ask if we’re sisters, eww!) and we are both moms to our beautiful babies, Gracie and Will. :) 

I must admit, I’ve done this same thing myself. There is a blog that I had followed for quite some time and realized after 5 months of reading that the face I had been pairing with blog posts was the wrong mom! The mom who I thought was the blogger was in fact the non-blogger (aka, the other mom) and I had been picturing the wrong person for months! I’m sure we’ve all done this. You see pictures on a blog and you envision that person as you read about their many adventures. It can be quite surprising when you realize you had it wrong all along, haha.

In any case, I wanted to set the record straight and introduce myself, Kristin… the Hispanic looking one with long dark hair.  Yes, that's me... the dork in the glasses. Here’s a few things about me, Mama! ;)

* I’ve been blogging here at More Than Words since 2010.

* I’m a left-handed Scorpio.

* I LOVE the water, any kind of water. The lake, the shower, a pool – love it all.

* I came out to my family more than a decade ago and my wife Georgia was the first and forever woman in my life.

* My master's degree is in business administration/human resources management (MBA/HRM) and I work as an HR manager in the healthcare field.

* My hobbies include blogging (surprise!), photography, crafting, DIY-ing, scrapbooking, sewing and I’m somewhat of a movie buff.

* I truly value my friendships. Most of my close friends have been in my life for nearly 30 years.

*Favorite foods include: sushi, Mexican food, cake, black olives and deviled eggs.

* My natural hair color is jet black. I’ve been lightening my hair for years because I feel I look a little mean with super dark hair.

* I am the classic middle child… I have one brother who is 3 years older than me and a sister who is 2 years younger.

* I’m a 4th generation Dallas Cowboys fan.  Go Cowboys!

* Favorite movies include: When Harry Met Sally and So I Married an Axe Murderer and I watch re-runs of Friends every single night before bed.

* If I had to pick one type of music to listen to for the rest of my life – it would be Classic Rock!

* Once upon a time, I wanted to have 4 kids. Then my wife and I went through a 3 year struggle to conceive between our first and second child and ended up finding out that I have MTHFR and I'm infertile. All in all, it took us 7 years to create our beautiful daughter and son and I think we're good! I would love to have 3 kids, but I think we're both ready to just live our lives with the amazing kid's we've been blessed with and be done with the TTC process. For now we're looking to the future and excited to spend our money on family vacations, a bigger home and extra curricular activities for the kids rather than blowing through all our excess funds on fertility treatments and all that comes along with that. If you have any experience with assisted reproduction, I'm sure you're well aware of what a money pit it is! Sheesh!

Now how’s that for putting a face to the name.  Nice to re-meet you! :)


  1. I giggled at "Hispanic looking". :)
    Do you consider yourself New Mexican? That's what one of my
    friends says.
    If you come to Hawaii we'll take you for some bomb sushi!!
    I wanted 4 kids too. We're done with two. :)

    1. Ha! Yes, I'm all sorts of things... Hispanic, half Caucasian, Latina and New Mexican! I hope to visit Hawaii in the next 5 years and when I do, you're so taking me for sushi!

  2. I also love to read stories from the 'non-bio' mom! I think its awesome that you are the one documenting your adventures! It's something I don't see often in our circles so far in the blogs I have found. I did have a hard time deciding which one of you was the writer! Thanks for the clarification! :P

    1. I hadn't noticed but you're totally right. Most 2 mom blogs I come across are written by the birth mama. :)

  3. Hi Kirsten, I'm Sally!

    LOL, I love this post!!! But had to read back to figure out why people were confused - maybe as a non-bio mum it's easier to get? N totally looks like his mommy and I have to admit that I get tired of hearing it sometimes.... it helps that he's so stinking cute ;-)

    I want 4 kids too, but getting #2 is proving a challenge so I'm no longer sure I can go through this as many times as it could take to get to 4!

    1. Hi Sally! I knew you were the writer of your blog too. It must be non-bio mom intuition, haha! I'm told that Grace looks like G all the time too. I will say she acts just like me though, lol.

      We plan to start TTC #2 in a few months. How long have you guys been trying? It took 2 years to make Grace so I'm nervous it could take even longer with #2.

  4. Yes....I had it wrong. I thought that it was Mommy the baby maker that was blogging.
    That said. I carried our babies and only 2 looked like me for the longest time. Syd has started only in the last year :)
    Thank you for clearing that up for me. It really doesn't change anything...well...I suppose it does change the face behind the words :)

  5. oh and P.S. other than the sushi water loving part...and the scorpio're like my sister from another mother :)

    1. That must be why I love your blog, sister from another mother! LOL ;)

  6. I actually had figured it out a little while back which one you were but must admit I was confused in the beginning. I loved the meet and greet! I too am a classic middle child with an older brother and younger sister. I also want 4 kids...Les says one more will be we'll see what happens with that one : )
    You said you have instagram! What's your name on there? I'd love to follow you. Mine is M_BESSTERRELL if you want to look me up too!

    1. I doubt we'll end up with 4 kids either... It took 3 years to make the first one, lol! I'm with Les, 3 is a good number. You can find me on Instagram @ morethanwords22. I'll look you up today.

  7. I LOVE So I Married an Axe Murderer! That's hilarious- I've never met anyone before whose said they like it. It's my second favorite move of all time- next to Beaches. After that is Anchorman. Lol :)
    P.s. Nice to meet you too! Of course, I knew it was you all along because Kristie showed me a picture of you two when Georgia friended her on Facebook. :)

    1. BEST movie ever! Poor Georgia, I make her watch it with me every year, haha. Beaches is in my top five for sure!

  8. Hi Kristin! Jen from Chunk & Mommy. I couldn't find an email for you to send the pw. Can you email me at jlartgirl at gmail dot com and I will send it over. :)


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