Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just me and baby G

Yes friends, it’s just me and Grace this weekend.  Georgia is on a work trip and believe it or not, this is the first time that it’s been just me and the babe – like ever.  I will admit that I was a bit nervous on Thursday knowing that my wife was leaving me to parent on my own.  You see, as mamas to a near toddler, we’ve fallen into a pretty comfy routine with Grace.  There are things that I typically do and other things that are G’s department.  One thing that Georgia does every night is put Grace to bed.  I give her kisses and lay with them in our room for a bit but she takes it from there.  I actually tried putting Grace to bed last week because G was sick and it did not go well… She was climbing all over the bed while looking at the door crying for mommy.  Georgia eventually had to step in.  I think the bedtime routine is what made me the most nervous.

Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about!  Last night around 8pm I warmed Gracie’s bottle before lying down with her and she was out in no time.  She went on to sleep 11 hours straight.  Thank you for taking it easy on me, baby girl! 

Aside from that we’ve kept pretty busy…

Grace helped me with a little laundry and by “helped” I mean unfold everything I folded. ;)

The babe made a new discovery.  She can now open the bins in the coffee table and has set her sights on climbing into them.  I’m hoping she’ll forget she found our secret toy boxes because the last thing we need is for one of those heavy lids to fall on her head or smash a finger!

After Grace went to bed I got my craft on!  There are just a few small projects left to finish before next weekend, one of which is Gracie’s party banners.  I plan to post a DIY tutorial on her banners after the party but here’s a little preview of the one I completed yesterday. :)

I also had time to finish the birthday girl’s monthly picture collage.  Thank goodness for early bedtimes and Dateline on Friday nights.  If I could watch murder mysteries and craft every night, I would be one happy girl!

And that bring us to today.  Gracie’s friend Sophia is having her first birthday party this afternoon so we need to get ready.  Happy Saturday!


  1. it's scary being on your own huh? we just found out lisa is going to canada for work for 12 days in july. 12 DAYS! ughhhhh. enjoy your alone time. it's very special.

    1. 12 days?!! I think I would have an anxiety attack, haha! Our time together, just the two of us was fun but it definitely made me appreciate the partnership me and G have raising Grace. It's 100% shared. :)

  2. More of a Criminal minds fan here...but otherwise I could totally grow old sitting by you scrapbooking and watching murder mysteries. :)
    One day I'll start my little boys scrapbooks. Syd has 3. The big boys have 1 (barely) and the littles. Nothin' nadda. No wait. I do have 2 pages for each of them done. (patting myself on the back)

    Love the framed year of Gracie.
    Can you have 3 more kids and quick. You make us moms look bad with all of this stuff you do !

    1. Gracie's baby scrapbook is one thing I have NOT started yet, ekkk! So you've got me there! It's funny what you wrote about your kiddos scrapbooks. I was the middle child and I remember working on a project in high school and I couldn't find a single baby pic of me by myself... Yet my older brother had an entire album.

      That's how it goes with the first born I guess, lol!

  3. We have a distinct schedule too in our house. We do things differently for Peyton as a separate individual and as a team. We have the same issue at bedtime, I have to put her to sleep or she won't go to bed. So, going to bed with a migraine isn't really an option in her routine!

    1. I imagine that would be rough. The good thing about our weekend together is that it showed me that while we do have a routine, Gracie is more flexible than we thought. I'm sure Peyton would be too if she had to. :)

    2. When I was out of state for business, once in her life, she did have to be put down by me. It's just different! LOL, we are already talking about adapting bedtime routine as she gets bigger. We only have a week left!!

  4. Hope ya'll had a great weekend! I laughed out loud when you said that Gracie helped you with laundry by unfolding everything you folded! Hahaha! Its hard having a baby on your own...I know the nights that Les works and it's just me and the boys I often wish I had her there for an extra set of hands.
    Love the banner! You are a craft genius!

  5. Thanks! Wrecking my laundry is Gracie's favorite thing to do. I don't know how you do it with two kiddos on your nights alone. My hat goes off to you mama!

    That so sweet of you to call me crafty but to be totally honest, it was so simple. If you have some pictures, a glue stick, hole punch and paper, you can make this banner in 30 minutes!


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