Thursday, May 30, 2013

22/52: My kind of sippy cup

My wife often buys the most random (but equally awesome) things.  This is her latest purchase… sippy cups for wine drinking mamas!  I decided I needed to test the quality of the merchandise last night and I’m giving these sippies 4 out of 5 stars.  If only they were bigger. ;)


  1. That's awesome. AND. you can always just start out with the wine glass and then the more impaired you get the bigger chance to spill will become and you can then put the glass into the sippy holder.
    Or is it a holder ? Do they come apart ?

    I drank alcohol out of a sippy cup at the theater in NY. That's how it's served so that you can enjoy it in the theater and yet you don't have to worry about spilling :)

  2. I have to know where these came from!!! I have a friend who desperately needs them!!!

  3. That would be dangerous in our house with two wine-loving 2-year olds ;)

  4. Aren't they the most awesome things for mamas?! I asked G and she said she ordered them on :)

  5. lol Those are awesome!


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