Friday, May 24, 2013

7-Layer Dip Cups

Looking for something delish to make for Memorial Day?  Well here it is – I promise you will not be disappointed!  I’m sure everyone reading this post has eaten some version of 7-layer dip before.  They all tend to taste the same with the exception of the seasoning one chooses to use.  The fun spin on my version is that you make individual servings of 7-layer dip for your friends and family, which adds a little something extra, if you ask me.  I made around 30 for a Cinco de Mayo party at work earlier this month, and even with the amount made it only took about an hour from start to finish.  My co-workers were so excited when I walked in with my platter of 7-layer dip cups and the dish turned out to be a hit! 

One suggestion I would make is to get shorter cups than the ones pictured in this Instagram photo I took.  You can’t really tell from the photo, but the cups I used were just a bit taller than the average plastic punch cups.  No biggie if you can’t find smaller ones, it’s just the bigger the cup, the more dip for one person.  Some of my work peeps said that the LOVED it but the serving size was a bit too much for them.  I personally took my leftovers home and enjoyed 7-layer dip again over the weekend.  The bonus to this recipe is that it’s just as good the following day. :)

If you try this recipe this weekend, I would love to hear how it turns out! 

Here is what you will need to make around 15 dip cups:

·         2 (16oz) cans of fat-free refried beans
·         5 cups of reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
·         1 (8oz) container of reduced fat sour cream
·         3 cups of guacamole (I just purchased premade guacamole and threw in some chunks of chopped avocado for texture)
·         2 cups of salsa
·         2 (2.5oz) cans of chopped black olives
·         1 cup chopped tomatoes
·         1 cup chopped onion 
·         15-20 small clear plastic cups
·         1-2 bags of blue corn tortilla chips      

To make your cups:

You will want to start with beans as your first layer.  From there you can decide how you would like to layer your ingredients.  Be sure to leave enough cheese to sprinkle on the top of each cup with your tomatoes, chopped olives, salsa and onion.  I scooped each ingredient into its own bowl for seasoning.  To add flavor to the guacamole, I added garlic salt and pepper.  To add flavor to the refried beans, I added salt and pepper.  Have FUN with this recipe because there really isn’t a way to mess it up.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

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