Monday, June 3, 2013

23/52: Testing... testing...

Just a quick TTC #2 update:

·         I’ve now gone to 3 fertility acupuncture appointments and in the most recent one, I was finally able to relax.  I’m not really one to rest unless it’s nighttime and I’m going to bed… In my first 2 acupuncture appointments I basically looked wide-eyed at the ceiling the entire time, but I seem to be adjusting.  In this most recent session, Dr. J upped my needles from 8 to 12.
·         Today is my OFFICIAL quit smoking day.  I’m a total closet smoker so most people are surprised to hear that I even smoke.  A pack of cigarettes has always lasted me a week or longer and I NEVER smoke around Grace or in the house for that matter.  Either way, with us hoping to inseminate for the first time in August, I’ve known that I needed to quit.  To my wife, I apologize in advance if I’m a bit of an a-hole over this next week or so. ;)
·         I seem to be well on my way to losing the 25lbs I set the goal of dropping by August.  So far I’ve lost 6 pounds in the past month.  Woot!
·         I completed my preliminary blood tests this morning.  5 vials… not the best way to start the week, ha!


  1. Way to go!!!! As someone who grew up in a house where both parents were a pack a day smokers, I want to applaud you for taking the steps to quit and also say that I know it is going to be hard, but the reward of being smoke free is SO worth it! Little tip: Sugarless gum to curve the desire. I am rooting for you!!!

    1. Thanks A! It's going to be tough but I've quit before. The last time I quit "cold turkey". This time I'm thinking I'll need the patch or gum... It already feels harder.

  2. Holy smokes! (No pun intended) y'all are moving right along! Glad you're making awesome positve changes to facilitate this 2nd TTC journey! Keep up the good work and stay strong lady!!!

  3. I TOTALLY quit smoking using acupuncture. It was smooth and easy for the first year. It wasn't for a year that I started craving one and by that time I had a baby and it had been so long that I didn't even want another one.
    (total lie. I won't lie to you...when I am in a group drinking atmosphere it's very hard for me not to think about it)


  4. Thanks gals! I too once quit for a year and I wish that I would have stuck with it.


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