Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transfer Consultation Complete √

Today G and I completed another step in our TTC baby #2 journey.  We had our transfer consultation and it went pretty good!  When we were going through the TTC process with Georgia, I wasn’t present for the consultation she had with our sperm bank.  The way it happened to work out, she was on vacation with her brother in the state where our sperm bank is located, so she just did her consultation in person.  They tried to Skype me in but had technical difficulties.  Because of this, I wasn’t really sure what to expect this time around.

It turns out, the consultation is really just a series of Q&A’s and not the psychological evaluation I thought it was going to be.  For those of you just starting your journey to conception and you’re curious about this step in the process – here are a few of the questions I was asked:

* Questions from the NP:

- Describe the relationship you have with your RE?
- What is your plan for conception?
- How are you getting your purchased vials to NM?
- Are you aware of the process you will follow when/if you are successful?
- Are you aware of the infectious disease tests that are conducted on all vials?
- Are you aware of the options you have in deciding what to do with any remaining vials you may have when your family is complete?

* Below are the questions we had for the NP.  She actually answered all of them… I was shocked!  For some of the questions she gave us ranges but they were very close ranges.  We received more info about our donor’s offspring today than ever before, so that was nice.

These were our questions:

- How many live births have there been so far from our donor?
- How many vials does our donor have left for purchase?
- What is the ratio of baby boys to baby girls from our donor?
- What is the age range for children born from our donor?
- What is the total family count for our donor so far?
- Is our donor still available for purchase with new families?

The thing I found most interesting was when the NP told us that a little over 70% of the births that have come from our donor have been boys!  For as badly as Georgia and I wanted a little girl, I feel even more blessed knowing that we got one even with the odds stacked against us!  GIRLS ROCK! 

I’m not crazy so I wasn’t very concerned when I originally thought this was a psychological evaluation.  It is funny though to see just how off the mark I was in understanding what this step in the process would entail, ha! 

Speaking of crazy, check this out…

Apparently you now get a vibrator with the purchase of ovulation tests… I can only speak for myself, but when I’m peeing on a stick, the last thing I’m thinking are sexy thoughts.


  1. We have heard numerous times that we hit the artificial means conception of a girl jackpot. Apparently boys are the norm when it comes to IUI and IVF.

    I giggled so hard over the vibrator OPK kit....maybe they are figuring out the market that makes them the most $$$$ (lesbians!)

    1. Yeah, I didn't know about the "girl jackpot" until today. The NP said it's because male specimen are faster and females live longer so it's all about the timing of the IUI (in theory). Because most of us track ovulation and go in right when the eggs are released, male specimen usually get to them first. Interesting right?

      Oh and the OPK kit was hilarious! There I was standing next to a little grandma at the pharmacy, holding a vibrator...

  2. I'm surprised that they gave you all of this must use a different bank than the one I use, because they don't tell you much at all!
    I heard that more boys are born from IUI and IVF as well, I really really want a little girl, but Katie only wants a boy, so I guess one of us will be disappointed! :)
    Do you have an official start date yet? We're going back on Tuesday to make a "game plan" for IVF!

    1. I was surprised too! The NP definitely didn't violate any HIPPA privacy laws with the info she gave us, but she also wasn't nearly as withholding with information as the other nurses we've worked with at our sperm bank. They way I see it, finding out that more than 70% of births from our donor have been boys doesn't violate anyones privacy and still that tiny bit of info is so interesting to find out! I was excited that she took so much time talking with us.

      I just started charting this month so we don't have an official start date yet. How exciting that you gals are making your "game plan" next week! You never know... with IVF you may end up getting a boy AND and girl!

  3. Wow! We had no consultation with our sperm bank. Just signed a bunch of papers outlining the protocol & they shipped the goods directly to our RE. Would have been fun to ask some of he questions you got to ask though. The only thing I found out when reporting our "live birth" was that our boys are the first & only set of multiples for this donor & we bought the last of his goods. Our sperm bank limited the number of live births to 3 families & then they discontinue use of the donor.

    1. Our sperm bank limits the number of families born to one donor as well. That was actually one of the main reasons we went with them over other banks that were closer to NM. It was more expensive but totally worth it, as I'm sure you would agree! That's pretty cool that you guys were the only ones to have multiples.

      I was super happy to hear from the NP that our donor is no longer on the market either. :)

  4. I have to say.....I might just buy an OPK test kit to get the vibrator. What a WONDERFUL selling tool. OF COURSE you should use it right before or AFTER peeing silly girl.
    I'd say after. the chubby might hinder your ability to pee if you play just before.
    oh who knows. do what feels the best to you.

    1. O.M.G, you crack me up woman! "The chubby", bahahaha!

  5. I completely agree with KJ and was going to say the same dirty old woman thing. Bring on the vibrators!!! Whoo hooo!!

    WTH is a "chubby"???

    But I and have fun with this!!! :)


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