Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Day in the Life of Gracie

Taking a page from the book of Rachel over at Religion Optional, I decided that I would do a “day in the life” of Gracie today.  This is something I’ve wanted to do since reading Rachel’s first, “day in the life” post a year ago chronicling an average day for her daughter (who happens to share a birthday with Grace)!  G worked from home today because she wasn't feeling well so it felt very much like a Saturday or Sunday when we are both home with the bean.  

Life with Grace is different everyday.  Some days we enjoy outings with family and friends.  Some days we all stay in our jammies from morning to night watching way too much TV and some days Grace takes two naps and others there is just the one.  I try and get us out of the house at some point each day and this is usually to go to the grocery store or the park or just to run some errands.  When Grace is at her grandma and papa’s house she spends nearly the entire day outside.  They live across from a beautiful park that just got remodeled so they spend a lot of time over there when they’re not playing out in the yard.  I’ll have to do a second “day in the life” sometime down the road showing what her days look like when she’s at grandma and papa’s. :)   

So, without further ado, here is a typical day in the life of Grace ~   

8:10am: Wakes up and plays with her crib buddies until I’m done showering.  Thank goodness this gal can entertain herself because, like most of you, I prefer to start my day with a shower. ;)

8:35am: Enjoys her morning banana in our bed cuddling with mommy while watching Team Umizoomi.  Yes, we let our kid eat banana in the bed… This gives me about 30 minutes to finish getting ready and she’s actually pretty good about eating her morning snack without making a mess.  Usually.

9:06am: The battle of the morning diaper change begins.  For some reason Grace does NOT like having her diaper changed in the mornings.  This is when I get the most diaper change resistance.

She goes from this…

To this…

9:08am: Greets her dollies and reads books while I get started in the kitchen.

This is when Grace gets into everything she possible can because she knows I’m occupied.  The entryway, kitchen and living room are baby proofed but she still manages to find something to get into.

Are those shoes I see?  Ha!  Got’em!

This gal LOVES Dora.

This drawer in particular gets emptied daily and we can’t seem to keep Grace out of the trash can!  Today I found her Dora doll and one of her shoes in the trash!  We’ve tried everything and nothing keeps her out of it.  She even broke the baby lock we had installed!  I’m just waiting for the day that my iPhone makes its way in there…

9:32am: Breakfast cooking and coffee time.  While I cook and enjoy a cup of Joe, Grace follows me around the kitchen.  Some days she wants to be held so she can see what I’m doing and others she just watches me.

9:50am: G takes a break from work to go through animal flashcards with the bean while I serve her breakfast.

10:05am: Breakfast time with a little Sesame Street.  Georgia introduced Grace to organic ketchup a few weeks ago and she is now obsessed with it.  On the menu this morning: scrambled eggs, avocado and organic cherries (and ketchup).

While I cleaned up our breakfast mess Grace decided it would be a good time to dig into her living room toy bins.

10:38am: Time to get ready for the day.  Our routine begins with brushing Gracie’s teeth.  I brush initially and she finishes the job.

Practice pee. :)

Gettin’ her hair done and getting dressed.  We don’t spend a ton of time in the bean’s room so when we’re in there she wants to play with everything.  Getting dressed involves lots of breaks to play, play, play.

11:00am: More nursery play with her stuffed buddies.  As you can see, it's laundry day. ;) 

She then hits up the magnets on the fridge and has some tent time with her Vtech Touch & Teach Turtle.

11:19am: I promised Grace that we would make homemade popsicles today. ;)  It was the easiest thing ever.  The mixed berry popsicles were done and in the freezer in 5 minutes!

11:25am: The moment Grace has been waiting for – time to let out the doggies.  She will stand by the garage door until one of us comes over to walk her into the garage.  She loves those pups!

11:35am: Naptime!  This is the one to two hours (sometimes three!) that I have in the afternoon to do dishes, laundry and whatever else I feel like.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t love naptime.  It’s wonderful. ;)

Gracie is off the bottle but gets a sippy cup with 6 ounces of milk at naptime and takes her afternoon naps in our bed.  We like to lay with her when she’s going down for a nap and have some cuddle time. :)

1:17pm: Less than two hours later and she is back at it!  Gotta love that bedhead!

1:30pm: Lunchtime!  Since we had G home with us for the day she grilled up a yummy lunch.  On the menu this afternoon: charbroiled ribs, black bean medley and sweet corn.

2:14pm: G’s lunch made a disaster of the kitchen so while I cleaned up Grace played with Mommy.  No pictures of this hour, I was busy. ;)

3:30pm: Mama and the bean head off to our local market for some fruit and veggies.  Have I mentioned how much I love wearing hats everyday and NOT wearing make-up!


5:10pm: Grace has her late afternoon snack of organic blue berries and baked veggie sticks while watching the end of Kung Fu Panda II.  This gives me some time to put groceries away.

5:41pm: Time to check the mail.  My girl LOVES the Cozy Coupe Nani gave her for her birthday.  On nights when we check the mail, we also take a neighborhood stroll.  All the while Grace yells, “vroom, vroom” while turning her little steering wheel.

6:16pm: TIME OUT!  The bean has been crawling under the table to unplug the fan the past couple of days.  Today she was back at it even though she knows it’s a no, no.  Two back-to-back offenses landed her in “time out” for 5 minutes. It’s hard enough on us to have to put her in time out when it’s warranted… I didn’t take pictures.

6:30pm: Watching Mommy prepare dinner.

6:45pm: Bath time with mommy.  Washing up and brushing teeth.

7:20pm: Georgia had to run out to buy a replacement part for the camper this evening so dinner was a bit later than usual.  On the menu this evening: Annie’s Organic Ravioli, avocado, sliced kiwi and Jasmine rice.

8:24pm: Off to bed.

A bit of goofing around…

8:31pm: And it’s lights out.  The babe gets a last sippy cup of milk mixed with water while going to bed and gets a last cuddle with Mommy who will take her to her crib once she falls asleep.  This routine typically takes G around 30 minutes.  The one thing we have to be sure of before putting Grace in her crib is that Bunny is in there.  Bunny is her favorite crib buddy these days. 

And there you have it.  A day in the life of little miss Gracie.  What’s your routine with your little one?  I would love to hear all about it.  Does your weekly schedule differ from your weekend schedule?  Do you find that one day of the week is more difficult than another (for us it’s Mondays because G works off site in another city).  What’s your favorite part of the day?

As Rachel wrote in her post, “so, who’s next”?!


  1. This is just so cool! Thanks for sharing! I I love all the pictures, but I will say I can't imagine doing bath before dinner, just because Punky would likely make a mess of herself again! :P Thanks for playing along, it was fun!

    1. Thank you for the idea! I really loved tracking her daily happenings. It's funny that you mentioned the pre-dinner bath because things don't typically go in that order. Last night G was planning to make us salmon but it was taking forever. We finally realized that Grace was getting hungry, it was getting late and she still hadn't taken a bath. G ended up bathing her while I warmed up some ravioli. She doesn't get as messy as she used to because she eats with a spoon or a fork now but bath after dinner is still best, I think. :)

  2. Love the idea. That's a BUSY dang day ! :)

    1. Ha, thanks! The day was BUSY! When I posted this I told G, "are our days always this hectic or does it just seem like that because I took pictures of everything"? She laughed and replied that our lives are always this crazy, lol! We reserve one day every weekend, either Sat or Sun when we don't plan a SINGLE thing. That's our day to sit around and relax. Grace loves those days because she gets to wear her jammies all day long!

  3. This was great! I love seeing what everyone does each day. Maybe I can convince Kara to take pictures so I can blog a day in the life of the boys. I love the picture of Grace in the coupe with the big stack of mail! Too cute!

    1. I do too! It's fun to see all the different ways we all parent. I hope you can convince Kara to do a day in the life of the boys. I would love to see it and it's really not that much work. My iPhone is usually within arms reach so snapping pics of Grace throughout the day was easy peasy!

  4. Hey! I nominated you for a Leibster Award because I freaking love your blog and others should too!

    1. Rachel, thanks so much for the nomination! I just got back into town and was so excited to read your message. :)

  5. Hey! I nominated you for a Leibster Award because I love your blog and others should too!

    1. Holy smokes! Two nominations in one weekend. You gals sure do know how to make this blogging mama happy. I appreciate the nomination so, so much.

  6. This post just made me smile! I can't wait to bring our baby girl into the world! Seeing all these beautiful pics made my day!

    1. Awe, thanks! You gals are going to have so much fun! Baby girls are awesome. :)


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