Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camping Prep!

It’s happening!  We’re finally going camping, yippee!  G picked up the camper on Friday and all weekend we’ve been in preparation mode.  The first trip out each summer always requires the most work but we’ve been more than excited to get it done.  G usually has to clean out the water system while she de-winterizes and I typically take care of inventory and whatnot.  The cleaning of everything inside and out is a two-mom job and this year we had our hands full.  It’s amazing how one itty bitty but very curious toddler can double the time it usually takes to do something like this. ;)

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning…

But, I digress.  The purpose of this post is that I need advice from all you camping mamas and papas!  The last time we took Grace camping she was just 3 months old.  This time around, she’s a very active toddler so I imagine our trip if going to be completely different than the one before.  With that being said, please, PLEASE give me any and all tips you have for camping with a toddler!   Any must have items or supplies?  What camping activities have you done with your tot to fill your days?  What was your sleeping arrangement, etc? 

Thanks in advance.  You guys rock!


  1. I have no advice for you as it has been way to long since I went camping with a toddler!! But I wish you gals an awesome camping trip!!! :D

    1. Thanks! It's rained for the past 3 days so fingers crossed that it stops soon!


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