Sunday, July 7, 2013

*The Fourth*

Our Fourth of July was a four-day affair this year.  The festivities began on Tuesday with a surprise staycation I planned for the wife and kiddo.  G has been begging for us to go to the lake for more than a few months now and really, really wanted to go for the 4th of July weekend.  With everything that has taken place these past couple of weeks with my job, we finally threw in the towel and accepted the fact that a lake trip was not in the cards for us this year.  I felt guilty because I knew our reasons for staying in town (again) were because of me, so I set out to do something special in place of taking a trip.

For those of you who do not use Grou.pon, you really should because it’s awesome!  A deal popped up last Friday for a one-night stay at an Urban Resort in town that has a huge indoor water park.  G and I drive by it off the interstate nearly everyday when taking the babe to and from her grandparents’ house and we’ve often commented that we would love to check it out.  The Grou.pon deal offered a savings of 60%, so I had to get it. 

Our staycation started off a bit bumpy because we learned the morning of, that the water park was closing early that day and would only be open for a few more hours!!  We found this out as I was making pancakes and G just happened to call in with a question about the park.  This sent us into panic mode as it meant we had an hour to pack, get to the hotel and check-in… Luckily we somehow managed to get there with nearly 3 hours remaining before the water park closed and as it turned out that was more than enough time. :)

Grace had so much fun.  She was hesitant at first because it was a bit overwhelming (even for me) with kids running all over the place, water spraying everywhere and music playing, but she acclimated pretty quickly.  If I had to pick a favorite I would say she liked the Lazy River the most.  We stayed in the LR the longest and by our third time around she was her usual happy self, waving and saying “hi!” to every person she encountered, haha!

Cell phone collage.  Not the best but still cute.

For the fourth I got my craft on!  I usually have Gracie’s holiday outfits picked out weeks in advance but not this time around.  I ran out and found her little outfit on sale the day before and made her headband the morning of.  See… I can be spontaneous. ;)

For the 4th of July we attended the Freedom Fourth Celebration at one of our local parks.  The park is 78 acres of plush green grass and while we’ve attended many, many events there – this was our first Freedom Fourth.  The event had a huge stage with live music, family/kid activities, yummy food and of course, FIREWORKS!   


*Mama* (me)

And baby girl… completely mesmerized by a magic show. ;)

I’m not going to lie, Grace was scared of the fireworks.  At first we sat her in the wagon and we sat below on the grass to watch the show.  She was NOT having that seating arrangement and reached out to us, so we readjusted.  Once she was snuggled between us she began to enjoy herself and by about 15 minutes in, she was shouting, “yay” and clapping.  She made friends with a group of little girls next to where we were camped and when she wasn’t visiting with them, she wanted to go exploring so G and I took turns chasing after her.  Here is a little IG video of her on the go!

We wrapped up our 4th of July holiday with a mama(s) night out at our friends “5th of July Fiesta”!  It was so nice to catch up with friends (and to be around other adults) and was the perfect end to an extended holiday.  Thank you to Nani for babysitting the bean.

And before you ask, no… my friends and I are not throwing gang signs.  I’m a recovering sorority girl and this is one of our many sorority girl poses, HA!

What traditions does your family celebrate for the fourth?  Are there any fun places you frequent on Independence Day?  I think we may have started a few new traditions ourselves this year.  We’ll see. :)  Happy 4th of July! 

Summer Bucket List: Light fireworks – check! 


  1. 1) Gracie is just the cutest little firecracker in that all girl outfit and headband!
    2) Recovering sorority girl, LOL, same here and I recognized that it was NOT gang but Greek signs right away ;)
    3) Stop being hard on yourself! It looks like you all had a lovely holiday and, job or not, that you played a large part in that happening. Keep rocking that awesome Mama card!

    1. Thanks Amanda! It was a fun holiday and I do need to ease up on myself. I'm trying. ;)

  2. That video is adorable! And, you are so right, Punky and Gracie are so similar! I love that sunglasses picture. I swear, if we didn't live so far away, I'd set up a darn playdate for the girls and their sunglasses ;)

    PS - You rocked out the mama card for the fourth, don't beat yourself up about the job thing. I am sure G and Grace wouldn't want you getting yourself down!

    1. Thank you Rachael. I love to watch her run around - so cute. I hope you and your family had a fun 4th!


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