Friday, August 23, 2013

34/52: Bunny

Inspired by Ashleigh’s recent post on her daughters favorite “lovies”, I thought I would introduce you all to Bunny, Gracie’s absolute favorite stuffed buddy.  We’re not sure who gave us Bunny or why Grace has decided to love this little rabbit more than any of her other “buddies”, but she does.  Bunny sleeps with the bean every night and comes along when she leaves her crib every morning.  Bunny reads bedtime stories with us before bed and keeps Grace company when she has her morning banana.  The poor thing is pulled from room to room (often by the ears) and is smothered with kisses on a daily basis.  Grace has also recently started chewing on Bunny's nose and shoulder so little B is looking a bit worn these days. ;)

We have yet to give Bunny a wash but I’m thinking it’s time!


  1. What a sweet picture! We have Green Bird, who spends a lot of time being rescued from the crib. I will note that a wash didn't hurt him at all!

  2. Great idea. They will want to remember these things later on. I think this is why people have 2. One to wash and one to hold :)

    1. There are hoarders and then there are people who are the opposite of hoarders... That was my mom. She threw EVERYTHING away from when we were little. I'm going to do my best to save the beans favorite things. :)

  3. Very cute! Bunny looks like he is half her size!


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