Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3rd Annual SmileFest

{Notice that my little one is the only small kiddo not being held by their parent… That’s Gracie for ya, always so independent.}

A few weeks ago we attended the 3rd Annual SmileFest of New Mexico with Gracie’s Nani and Gaga.  The weather was perfect and the bean was in great spirits and definitely excited to explore!  This was our second year attending the event and we had even more fun then we did last year, which is likely due to the fact that Gracie didn’t sleep the entire time like she did at our first SmileFest, ha! Everything with toddler Grace is such a different experience then the way outings were with baby Grace.  Lots of running around, lots of climbing things, always an adventure.

{Gaga, Gracie & Nani}

{Thank you for the adorable dress, Gaga!}

The event took place at a huge indoor family fun center and there was definitely a ton to do.  Grace was still too little for miniature golf but she sure did love watching the other kiddos play.  Little miss took us on a tour of the grounds walking from one attraction to another as all four of us followed her around like a trail of ants. :)

{Gracie’s AMAZING surgeon, Dr. C came by to say hello.}

As we were getting registered for the event the craziest thing happened.  The mom who started SmileFest three years ago took our names to check us in and immediately looked up to ask which of Gracie’s mamas was the blogger.  I looked at her curiously and replied that I was.  It turns out that she came across our little piece of the blogosphere while searching SmileFest online and thanked me for the post I wrote about the event last year.  She seemed very touched by what I wrote, which made me so happy!  She really is one amazing mom. :)

{Mama and the bean.}

{As you can see in this picture, we didn’t realize we were standing in the middle of someone’s golf game, lol.  Sorry dude!}

{This child is fearless!  She insisted on climbing all the way up the ladder in the jumper and didn’t want anyone’s help.  There was a boy twice her size who only made it half the way up before coming back down.  My kid… she does her own stunts.}

SmileFest is one of me and G’s favorite events.  To visit with other parents and meet beautiful cleft kids from across the state gives us such a sense of community.  It was a fun day in the sun and we can’t wait for next year!    

 And in totally unrelated news, I cut my hair off!  6 inches gone just like that.  It wasn’t planned but because my first hair appointment in 5 months happened to fall on an extremely HOT day and this hot day happened to be like the 100th hot and humid day in a row – the hair had to go!  This is the shortest I’ve ever gone.  You can see the back of my neck, ekkkk!


  1. 1) Your hair looks GREAT! Super cute and if I may say, slimming to the face :)
    2) As usual Gracie is adorable!
    3) I have to ask, only because I noticed that KJ said something about it in the comment section to a previous post and I have said something as well in the past...does Nani know that she has a following of bloggers who think she is one HOT MAMA? :)

    1. HAHAHA! No, she doesn't... I'm sure she would love to hear that though because she's convinced that she has begun aging at an alarming rate in recent years. My response to these comments is always met with, "mom, you're nuts"!


    How fun that you participate in this smilefest.
    I'm sure your doctor loves to see the results of his hard work.

    1. Thanks! I'm still getting used to it. I can't even put it in a ponytail and I'm a total ponytail girl...

  3. First of all, your hair is sooo cute! And, that dress on Gracie is adorable! I want want want it! ;) Looks like this year's SmileFest was a hit :)


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